Revival of Avalanche: New AVAX 3D Game, Character Giveaway Now Open

Revival of Avalanche is an alpha-stage game with free access and the option to acquire NFT.
  • Revival of Avalanche offers both free gaming and expanded access based on NFT ownership.
  • The 3D avatars are part of a limited 10K item collection featuring four types of Historical Cyborgs.
  • Revival of Avalanche is a skilled battle game inspired by the likes of Mortal Kombat.

Revival of Avalanche is a newly launched RPG based on 3D renditions of historical figures. The game focuses on a new character giveaway, active until the end of the week. Revival of Avalanche is giving away an NFT for social media tasks.

Revival of Avalanche is a completed game that has also added features from Avalanche (AVAX), one of the most active gaming blockchains. The game is a product of Newton Mint Labs, an experienced game studio with a Web3 goal.

Revival has RPG elements with unique character looks, added to a skill-based PvP fighting game. Revival has been inspired by games like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, with an element of arcade nostalgia. 

Matches offer a skilled challenge where players use the attacks available to their character. The goal is to deplete the opponent’s powers first. Players can pick from the four available Historical Cyborgs, with new items to be released in the future. 

Among the fighters, players pick either Cleopatra, Newton, Ragnar Lodbrok, or Mahatma Gandhi. All of the basic characters can increase their level and rank for more successful battles. The game has a total of 10,000 characters, which differ in their level – Rookie, Ace, Veteran, and Legendary. Within the game, enough advancement turns the static NFT image into a 3D animation. 

Revival Adds Boost to Avalanche Ecosystem

The Revival NFT can be resold on the Kalao marketplace, one of the main trading platforms on the Avalanche blockchain. The game is tokenized with the Revival (RVVL) asset, which for now will use Avalanche C-Chain. Revival of Avalanche thus turns into one of the latest additions to the growing Avalanche ecosystem, which remains robust despite the 2022 bear market.

The goal of Revival is to build a skill-to-earn game. Some of the features will be available even without an NFT. To access all tournaments and guilds, as well as unlimited PvP matches, players must own one of the Historical Cyborgs. RVVL will also be needed to pledge as a tournament fee, with the goal of winning the pooled tokens.

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