Delysium Becomes Famous with Playable White Paper

Delysium aims to build a game-first Web3 project with ownership.
  • Delysium offers limited alpha access with special in-game token rewards.
  • Whitelisting and NFT event now open until October 18.
  • Delysium aims for an AAA-grade product.

Delysium is an alpha-stage upcoming Web3 game that is now trending across social media. One of the chief reasons is its creative approach to spreading its white paper. The game wrapped its basics in playable form, inviting more users to try it out.

The Delysium characters and style is a tribute to the Edgerunners cyberpunk series. The final goal is to build an AAA-grade game with varied modes, including an open world. Metaverse games, which were led by The Sandbox and Decentraland, remain some of the most successful P2E projects that attract users in the long run. 

The interactive white paper is now spreading on social media, with the goal of reaching 1M early users and testers. Over 400K reported visitors previewed the mini-game in just the first days after the launch.

The Delysium is working on a first person shooter game, a rare goal in Web3 space. For now, Undead Blocks is one of the most finished projects, though without the metaverse side. Other projects that trended in 2022 include Special Force Rush and Ev.IO. Delysium also aims to build a society of virtual avatars similar to the Vulcanverse. 

Delysium Offers Early Access Opportunities

For a few more days, Delysium is offering a special event with the opportunity to add potentially valuable NFT.

The lucky draw for NFT is also an opportunity to gain early access through whitelisting. Delysium partners with ImmutableX for its NFT, allowing it to use the potential of the Ethereum blockchain while also avoiding high fees. 

Whitelisting and joining the Delysium community may grant access to early events. The game is still not officially launched, but offers playable early pre-season experiences.

Delysium currently offers in-game tokens, and has not expanded aggressively in the crypto space. The game team is focusing on strong community building, with regular outreach events. Delysium also aims to be known as a Web3 game, not an immediate source of P2E income.

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