Destoria Game: Still Opportunity to Grab a Founders Pass

Destoria Islands will work as a safe haven and as a tool to sell services, items or rent out the land.
  • Destoria will offer a metaverse to personalize, as well as hot zones for looting.
  • The game will be based on Ethereum, with free characters to start.
  • Players can acquire NFT property by burning old items from other collections that incurred great losses.

Destoria is an early-stage RPG mix with a metaverse, where space is owned to be able to have a favorable spawn spot. Players explore the world, while being able to host others in their home base for a more convenient respawn. 

The game is now trying to market its game by offering a Founders Pass to boost engagement and start players with a pack of utility items. 

Destoria aims to offer multiple tools to earn STORI tokens, while also giving away in-game items, either utility or cosmetic. Destoria will also be a game-first project, aiming to become a semi-casual nostalgic game with enough fun and engagement. 

Destoria to Create Meeting Hub

Destoria will build a metaverse with Unreal Engine 5, which will be available to third parties for events or sub-games. Players or groups will be able to set up Islands, which will serve as a home base and offer opportunities for passive income. 

Players can add their own NFT to the island, or even create P2E games of their own to attract additional income. Island owners can also offer services, such as mechanical repairs, or become landlords. The personal Island is also a safe haven, which cannot be looted. Destoria is an open world, and in some of the hot zones, players can engage in looting. To protect items, players must retreat to their safe haven.

Destoria Offers Free-to-Play

Destoria will be free to play, and is currently in a whitelisting stage, where players need to become a part of the Discord community. The game team is organizing mini opportunities to earn a Founders Pass, as well as to join the Destined list and test the early version of the game. 

Owning an NFT character is not key to the game, and players can pick a generic free avatar. However, to truly personalize a character, it can be upgraded to an NFT. Full ownership is also the key to accessing the game’s P2E potential. 

Another perk in the game will be the ability to use “rugged” NFT – past purchases that have lost most of their value. Players can choose to burn their old NFT with no utility, and buy a metaverse condo as their safe zone.

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