Pegaxy Offers Halloween-Themed Giveaway to Bring Back Users

Pegaxy NFT are down by half as players delist or burn their items. VIS tokens also moved off-chain to avoid fees.
  • Pegaxy encourages a lower number of Pega NFT by fusion and burning.
  • The game reports a lower player count after moving VIS to an off-chain wallet.
  • Pegaxy aims to turn around and offer more value as players complain of lowered earnings.

Pegaxy, once one of the most popular Polygon games, has not given up on making a turnaround and recovery. The game aims to bring back users and offer a better balance by requiring more fees and setting limits to ownership. 

Now, the latest perk from Pegaxy is a new Halloween-themed giveaway. The full details of the airdrop will be known in the coming days. 

Pegaxy tries to bring back its community at a time when its player count dipped under 1,000 in 24 hours. The game is down to 372 players, based on transaction counts, though one of the reasons may be the movement of VIS to an in-game wallet. Also, Pega NFT have lost most of their value and breeding and trading has slowed down. Some players are even burning their Pega, lowering the total count. 

Pegaxy Pega NFT listed on OpenSea are now down to around 500K, from a peak of 1.12M items. Pega are also given away through partnerships, due to their low value and changes in the game. 

How Pega Stables Change the Game

For Pegaxy stable owners or NFT collectors, an unlimited number of Pega may be a liability. Now, the game will limit the slots available for Pega that are race-ready, and will require VIS fees to gain more slots. Owners can buy the first 10 slots for 1,000 VIS, then add more slots in increments of two. Pega renters will have 20 slots in total to rent horses.

Users are also struggling to get their Pega to race, as only a handful of optimized Pega gain most of the rewards. 

Another move to make Pega more useful are the new fusion rules, which also discourage breeding to gain a higher-ranked Pega. In the current version, the Stable Manager also offers a burning mechanism for Pega, for fewer and more valuable NFT..

The biggest challenge to Pegaxy is to get its PGX and VIS tokens listed on a centralized exchange. This is especially challenging as the crypto market stagnates.

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