What Makes DoRac a Top Game for User Visits

DoRac is available for download to test the game’s basic features such as training and simulated racing.
  • DoRac is a simulated racing game that plans to include metaverse elements and governance.
  • DoRac still has limited NFT in its initial collection of 7,777 items.
  • The game is trending among searches after releasing its alpha version.

DoRac, a simulated sports game with a dog racing theme. The game is now trending among most searched P2E products, keeping up interest at a time when top games are becoming increasingly competitive. 


DoRac has been trending in the past weeks, showing demand for BNB Chain games and additional P2E potential. Even with the alpha version download, the game is on track to gain more users. 

DoRac is moving into a niche that has been freed by Pegaxy, a game of simulated horse racing that is now trying to reinvent its P2E model. DoRac, however, aims to bring a larger metaverse-type experience to add to the simulated racing game.

The first advantage of DoRac is that its NFT breeding has not started in earnest. The game launched with 7,777 dogs linked to a user profile, and its racing NFT are far more scarce.

DoRac also has breeding mechanics, and the number of available dogs will grow with time. But the game also introduces training, a feature that can also affect game performance.

The game is currently in its basic stage, with NFT art completed and a simple tokenization model. The actual on-chain launch of those assets is still ahead for the game’s team. DoRac NFT dogs only have a limited listing on OpenSea, with just 5 items awaiting sale. The game is now growing its user base with the potential to tap growth. 

DoRac Prepares for Player ID, Metaverse Features

DoRac aims to develop into a Web3 game, with the potential for ownership but also reaching traditional gamers. The game will bring in the DORC token with a deflationary model, becoming more scarce with time. This is the opposite of initial P2E games, which released endless supply tokens and relied on the crypto bull market.

DORC will also be a governance token with an incentive to hold and change the game’s balance with voting. DoRac will also introduce Player ID, tying the user’s account to an NFT. The ID will not be a soul token, and can be bought and sold. Playing with an ID will unlock the game’s full potential.

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