Mushro Legends: Just Breaking Out with New Web3 Potential

Mushro Heroes will bring a new card strategy game with idle battles, enemies and mini-bosses.
  • Mushro Legends will offer BUSD and have a deflationary token for in-game purchases.
  • The game is still in beta stage, offering quest mode against regular enemies and mini-bosses.
  • Mushro Legends has 20 Mushroes, or playable Heroes, with new ones coming in the future.

Mushro Legends is a P2E and Web3 game just breaking out. So far, the game has secured a couple of partnerships to be listed on Web3 gaming platforms. Mushro Legends is at the early beta stage, but already showcasing its Mushroom world of magical powers.

The game’s goal is to onboard more players into Web3, offering a complex fantasy metaverse. Mushro Legends is built under the Golden Crypto brand, but is a game-first project with desktop and mobile versions. 

What Makes Mushro Legends Stand Out

Mushro Legends recently released a gameplay teaser, showing the game’s idle battles and card strategy. Mushro Legends is based on a fabled kingdom of mushroom Heroes (Mushroes) with special powers, fighting against the enemies of the Rot, which is attacking their lands. 

Players can choose to set their best Hero on a quest, or build a team of five. The battles can be against the enemies, or against other players. 

So far, Mushro Legends has created 20 Mushroes, with more to come and add their powers to the mix. The Mushroes fight regular enemies or mini-bosses as they progres on their quest. 

Mushroes must also be equipped with weapon, armor, shield, helmet, boots, and gloves. All items improve the Mushroes stats.

The game will have battle and arena mode, as well as special events to grant additional soul stones, Diamonds or Gold. Special events can grant those assets at a more accessible price. In future updates, the game will also add potions for various types of advantage.

Mushro Legends will have an in-game store, where players can swap Gold and XP points for equippable items.

How Mushro Legends Implements Web3

Mushro Legends showed awareness of the weaknesses in the play-to-earn model. For this reason, the game will use BUSD as a more predictable asset. 

In the game, players can also buy and use the GDOGE token. However, they will not be rewarded in GDOGE. When players buy items with GDOGE, some of the tokens will be burned, limiting the supply. The reason for this is to avoid an inflationary token.

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