Monsterra Game Goes Live After IDO Round

Monsterra has plans to add a metaverse element, in addition to multi-chain bridging and guilds.
  • Monsterra is a mix of NFT collection, battle game and DeFi.
  • MSTR token near one-week high at $0.28.
  • Monsterra to become multi-chain game in the future.

Monsterra is taking steps to come to the forefront as a fully developed P2E game. After completing a recent IDO round to sell the MSTR token, the game also announced the release of its public beta.

The game has already set up the upcoming events to engage early players. Monsterra is also a mix of DeFi and direct gaming experience.

The game will now allow the usage of any NFT held, while starting out with a set of special rewards. Monsterra is one of the rare games currently running on Binance Smart Chain and with plans to launch on Avalanche and other networks. The game offers a main playing feature, as well as mini-games and events. 

Monsterra will also build a DAO with staking options for the MSTR token. MSTR staking is just starting out, with some expectations the game’s native token may expand from its current position.

MSTR currently trades around $0.28, close to a one-week peak. The token is slowly growing its presence on the MEXC exchange, though it remains relatively risky. MSTR has incentives for holding in an attempt to avoid a price crash.

Monsterra Roadmap: Mobile Version Coming Soon

The Monsterra team also announced a mobile option may arrive in about a month. The Monsterra game now has the chance to make a splash as the market for top games is rearranging. 

Monsterra also offers a Facebook or Google account integration, thus adding another game that is using the Web2 infrastructure while adding a Web3 layer. The game has completed its marketplace and the main gameplay, as well as the event page. 

Ahead in the roadmap, Monsterra will become a milti-chain game and build a bridge. Guilds will also come later as more players join the game. The most ambitious part may be the Monsterraverse, a metaverse element potentially generating land-based NFT. Monsterra NFT only have very limited listings on OpenSea, with two owners and 28 items. Most NFT are in the game’s native marketplace reachable with a MetaMask or WalletConnect.

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