Gran Saga: Unlimited Brings Open World, Incubated by Polkastarter

Gran Saga: Unlimited launched its closed beta for pre-approved users this July 6.
  • Gran Saga: Unlimited is an advanced game with 3D mechanics and an MMORPG world.
  • The game will run on the Aptos blockchain, offering seamless gamer onboarding.
  • Gran Saga: Unlimited is running a community test until August, the official launch to be announced later.

Gran Saga: Unlimited is the new, open-script version of the Gran Saga app. Gran Saga: Unlimited also lines up among Web3 games, adding another dimension to an already successful Web2 feature with more than 100K downloads

Gran Saga scheduled its launch for July 6, with the help of Aptos Network, a production-ready, scalable L1 solution.

Gran Saga: Unlimited will move beyond the closed scripts and quests of the predecessor, and offer an open world with open-ended adventure. The new Web3 game takes over one of the long-awaited releases in 2023, while also riding on the trend of Genshin Impact.

Gran Saga: Unlimited has been distributed through Polkastarter’s Web3 and gaming aggregator, recruiting new players for the past few weeks.

The game has been working on its smart contracts and Web3 side for the past few months, tailoring its NFT and other features to the Aptos blockchain. 

Gran Saga: Unlimited Runs Community Beta Test

The current launch for Gran Saga: Unlimited is in the form of a community beta test for pre-approved accounts. Players will be able to preview the diverse characters and quests, set in a rich 3D world with skill-based MMORPG missions. This is the second large-scale test for the game, taking it closer to full release.

The current community beta test will run until August to gather data for game improvements. So far, Gran Saga: Unlimited has not mentioned NFT or tokenization, but will release a new roadmap for the months ahead after the end of the test.

Gran Saga joins the list of anime-style fantasy games, similar to those promoted on Klaytn and Marblex blockchains. Games like Nine Chronicles, Genso Kishi, and Legends of Elumia are tapping the already vital gaming market in Southeast Asia, though also launching global services.

Games of this type remain a bridge between traditional gaming and Web3, making it as seamless as possible in terms of wallets and fees. 

Gran Saga: Unlimited will be part of the Metapixel ecosystem and become the flagship game in a series of upcoming products. The game follows the track of highly finished products with developed mechanics, which will then enhance their world with NFT or other rewards.

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