Metapace Web3 Toolset Prepares for Launch, Community Prizes Offered

Metapace is in the process of building a community, and will publish its Web3 tools for developers in the coming months.
  • Metapace is an upcoming toolset for Web3 onboarding and marketing.
  • The Gate3 tool is now onboarding potential developers with a BTC giveaway program.
  • Metapace was incubated by MixMarvel, a game and traffic Web3 hub.

Games with added blockchain features continue to face specific challenges, requiring evolving Web3 toolsets. The biggest problem is easy, seamless integration for gamers coming from communities that are skeptical of crypto or NFT. Making wallet integration seamless is key to having wider game adoption. 

Metapace is one of the sources for Web3 developer tools, which offers solutions with gaming in mind. The hub also offers game-specific blockchain tracking and data analysis.

In addition to offering building tools, Metapace is expanding its presence among Web3 gamers, with giveaways and social media events. Metapace is a project incubated by the MixMarvelGame platform, which aims to bring the next big batch of gamers into Web3. 

Metapace Offers Gate3 Marketing Tool

One of the main products by Metapace is Gate3, a tool for Web3 gaming marketing. Metapace itself is yet to publish its website and GitHub resources, but is carried by MixMarvelGame.

The Metapace team is experienced in Web2 onboarding, but has movet into the field of Web3 growth. Currently, Metapace aims to onboard users and cross-promote MixMarvel, with a task-to-earn program on social media.

Additionally, Metapace is growing its Discord community and preparing them for the actual launch of the Gate3 tool. Potential developers and Metapace partners can also earn Energy Gems for participating into the discussion.

The Gate3 tools will help app-builder teams with the most common tasks of onboarding users. Gate3 will have seamless token integration, as well as AI-assisted marketing algorithms. Gate3 will also serve as a hub for Web3 apps and games, and will help to drive traffic. Gate3 will also track Web3 events and notify end users of trends, game happenings and price action.

Metapace was incubated by an already existing gaming hub, the MixMarvel collection. On MixMarvel, several games are already live and have the potential to attract users. The collection includes War of Honor, and the most awaited game, Metacene. MixMarvel is now preparing to distribute the Metacene NFT collection.

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