Honor of Heirs Reaches Out with Soft Launch, Special Giveaway

Honor of Heirs will have a game economy based on Mithril resources and HONCO token.
  • Honor of Heirs is building a waitlist for its late November launch.
  • The game brings high-end animation and a complex storyline.
  • Honor of Heirs will launch its HONCO token on the WEMIX blockchain.

Honor of Heirs is a rising Web3 game with free access and ownership. Now, the project wants to onboard more players, with a double giveaway and soft launch. The game will whitelist early players, while also offering Mithril resources. In a parallel giveaway, Honor of Heirs will offer HONCO tokens. 

The main goal of Honor of Heirs is to go on a quest, conquering terrain, mini-bosses and monsters. Before launching the active gameplay, the game offers a strategy to build the best team and vanquish the enemies. The game also generates multiple terrains and buildings to attack and conquer.

Honor of Heirs is fully available as Android APK, PC download and iOS version. The game requires skill and multiple exciting attacks, as well as complex lore in building up the team of players. The game offers character customization and skill selection, to attempt to solve the game with multiple stats combinations. 

Honor of Heirs is also packed with stunning effects and a completed 3D world. The game was launched freely before adding elements of P2E or Web3 ownership, allowing players to test out before committing. 

The game has completed multiplayer mode, where the whole team can deploy their specialty attacks. All enemies and battle results are also shown in detailed animated sequences. 

How Honor of Heirs Integrates Web3

Honor of Heirs will have an in-game economy centered around Mithril, one of the key resources to be successful. 

The in-game economy will also produce HONCO, which will become a tradable blockchain token. 

Honor of Heirs will offer a path to exchange HONCO, but the token can be accessed from within the game. The asset will also keep records on the WEMIX blockchain, a specially created hub to carry game assets. 

WEMIX relies on its new WEMIX 3.0 network, a new version of the previous blockchain based on Klaytn. WEMIX tokens are relatively liquid and are used to swap for newly created game assets. WEMIX now carries a growing list of highly developed games seeking to integrate Web3 seamlessly.

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