Illuvium Review – Open World RPG and Arena Game for Ethereum

Illuvium is an upcoming 3D adventure and battle arena game, with an actively traded ILV token.

Illuvium is the upcoming RPG, NFT-based collection and battle game with multi-player capabilities, expected to hit the market in 2022. Illuvium combines high-level action and graphics with multi-pronged tools for play to earn. 

What is Illuvium

Illuvium plans to build a multi-player metaverse game with trainable Illuvials. The playable characters, to be traded as NFTs, will also have a battle arena mode. 

For its initial plans, Illuvium plans to be an Ethereum-based play to earn game. The Illuvium (ILV) reward token is already tradable, with an all-time high price above $1,911.26 and levels above $1,100 as of December 2021. 

ILV is still used as a trading asset, until it can be deployed as a reward token for the game’s ecosystem. Illuvials as NFT collectibles have already launched, showing structure in terms of rarity and value, suggesting a future role for a reward token to purchase and trade the playable characters.

Who is Behind Illuvium

The Illuvium team has 67 people on board, relying on an in-house team for its 3D game. The team is yet to produce game elements beyond the initial NFTs and a preview trailer. 

Illuvium is headed by co-founders Andy C. (Andy Cheng Fang) and Kieran Warwick listed among the co-founders, with additional managerial and boarding roles. 

How Illuvium Raised Funds

Illuvium performed a token sale in April 2021, raising more than $51M with a token price of $88 per ILV. 

Later, Illuvium attracted two seed rounds for $5M from crypto-related investment companies, including serial blockchain investor Michael Anderson.

What Makes Illuvium Unique

Illuvium has a widespread communication and marketing campaign, lining up among the most widely anticipated games. 

The relatively high token per-unit price and the scarcity of NFT playable characters is raising interesting questions on the future gameplay and play to earn structure, as token scarcity may increase competition.

Illuvium wants to position itself as an AAA game based on graphics and experience, an achievement that will make the game stand out from some of the simpler play to earn metaverses.

How to Make Money with Illuvium

Illuvium promises a battle arena and a multiverse powered by ILV. Buying and selling Illuvia, as well as training and battles, is expected to be the chief source of play to earn income. 

ILV is also a token with a supply of only 7M in total. Part of the value of ILV is based on centralized trading on Binance. Other options include decentralized trading and liquidity mining on SushiSwap. 

IVL is also available for buying or swapping through, one of the hubs for easy fintech access to cryptocurrencies. 

As of December 2021, the full functions of Illuvium are not available, and delays are possible in the Illuvium launch. Illuvium is expected to start selling metaverse land plots after January 15 as an early form of investment. As of December 2021, only 15,000 addresses hold ILV, for a still limited game community.

Best Wallets for Illuvium

The ILV native token is available through MetaMask, the most widespread wallet for communicating with the Ethereum network. 

Other wallets that can communicate with Ethereum include Binance Wallet and Phantom Wallet. In the future, ILV may exist on other networks or build a new blockchain, requiring new types of storage. Play to earn games have migrated to Polygon (MATIC), as well as Ronin network and other side-chain solutions for greater speed and lower fees.

Overall Score for Illuvium

Illuvium, with more than 119K followers on social media, is a widely hyped project. With upcoming land plot investment and a game release promised for 2022, it is one of the most promising projects in play to earn. 

Our overall score is 37, with a warning on possible game delays, limited NFT minting and resales. However, the game may be worth watching for its abilities to rival Alien Worlds or other forms of 3D adventure.

Total Score
  • Team Information and Reliability
    4/5 Good
    Complete team with in-house designers and developers.
  • Community
    5/5 Amazing
    Large support community, may grow after game release
  • Number of players
    4/5 Good
    Over 15,000 registered wallets on Ethereum.
  • Art and images
    4/5 Good
    Pre-launch trailer for high-quality 3D game.
  • Secondary NFT market/resale
    4/5 Good
    Limited mints, still few playable characters minted.
  • Funding sources
    2/5 Bad
    ICO and small seed round of funding.
  • Wallets
    4/5 Good
    Available on most Ethereum-based wallets.
  • Exchange liquidity
    3/5 Neutral
    Available on Binance and DEX.
  • Token rating
    1/5 Awfully
    Most tokens held by team for future distribution, most locked in a single address.
  • Potential returns/rewards
    5/5 Amazing
    Tradable characters and items, actively traded reward token.
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