Illuvium Opens Whitelisting for Limited Beta

Illuvium (ILV) slid despite news of the upcoming closed beta launch. ILV is restarting its staking mechanism in the coming weeks.

Illuvium, one of the most promising sandbox and metaverse games with battle elements, is opening a limited beta. Whitelisting has started in what is the next step in the game’s development.

The Illuvium team warns that the closed limited Beta will be selecting users with higher-spec PCs to avoid reports of problems based on hardware. The signup will issue unique subscription codes to test the game. The test will focus on PvE battler survival mode. 

When is the Illuvium Land Sale Coming

With game development advancing, the Illuvium community is getting ready for the land sale. The game team has not announced dates, but the Illuvium community is already asking about the potential to own in-game metaverse plots. 

For now, Illuvium may well take months to organize an NFT land sale. Metaverse plots are becoming a hot commodity, as they may offer visible scarcity and accrue legendary status with more players and metaverse participants.

ILV Prepares for Staking Reboot

The ILV asset, which started staking while prices were still under $100, will alter its passive reward mode in the coming weeks. The Illuvium team has released a map showing the order of events in staking the token in the V2 protocol. 

ILV staking is currently used as a form of income, still awaiting the potential to use the token to buy metaverse land plots. Staking and incentives to hold ILV, with no significant selling from whales or the team, has helped the asset reach high valuations on a low supply, trading above $1,800 at one point. 

ILV, however, is having trouble keeping those valuations, especially after the January 20 market crash which erased more value from the overall cryptocurrency markets.

ILV sank to $524.68, a level comparable to October 2021. ILV trading volumes also remain low in comparison to other assets in the play to earn space. At just around $22M, ILV is a small market with low activity, waiting for more developments within the game or lower buying opportunities.

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