GARI Web3 Growth Stack Focuses on Solana Community, Developers

GARI Web3 Growth Stack targets Web2 projects with needs to add fast, scalable blockchain features.
  • GARI is a product pack targeted at onboarding Web2 apps into Web3.
  • The pack contains SDK to build a wallet as a service, as well as cheap multi-chain transactions.
  • GARI also offers NFT minting and a cross-chain NFT with Solana support.

Solana remains one of the solid networks for NFT and game deployment. It has been featured in some of the top SDK and is part of the Alchemy package of tools. But there are more specific toolsets, which are also working toward building a community of developers. 

GARI Web3 Growth Stack is directly targeted to developers with an interest in the Solana ecosystem. The Web3 stack is part of Solarplex, a Solana product hub, but the SDK available can also be used on other blockchains.

The product is also tailored to already live Web2 products which are ready to migrate to Web3. Developers will find tools for managed wallets, fiat on-ramps and purchasing mechanisms, NFT minting and other infrastructure tools for onboarding more users.

GARI Web3 tools also include a multi-chain marketplace, which is primarily built on Solana, but allows bridging from other networks. The end goal is to offer transaction batching and seamless accessible Web3 operations for all projects.

GARI Web3 tools also include abuse management and game exploits such as multi-accounting or multiple wallets, as well as anti-bot and anti-spamming tools. GARI SDK is open source and available through GitHub, but is also present through social media and other Solana app lists.

GARI Ecosystem Also Targets Creators, Gamers

The GARI ecosystem is also focused on Web3 content creators, and offers access to mini-games. The GARI token is widely used for airdrops and special prizes, as well as for marketing new games. GARI can be used as a play-to-earn token, with currently open competitions.

The GARI ecosystem also helps organize hackathons and community events, bringing in additional Web3 projects and organizations. GARI targets projects and developers in Southeast Asia, reviving the Web3 industry that was sparked by Axie Infinity and P2E games.

The Chingari network is also introducing a new form of social media, with short clips similar to TikTok on the blockchain. The clips can be uploaded and traded as NFT, with the potential for more projects to use similar technology for a Web3 extension of social media.

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