Metarun: Who Stands to Earn with Endless Runner and NFT Resources

Metarun is an endless runner with an upcoming mobile launch and a native MRUN token already trading in two liquidity pairs.
  • MRUN token lost 90% of its value since the IGO sale and launch.
  • Main NFT character mint is next big step in the roadmap.
  • Metarun partners with Galaxy Arena, plans an exclusive teaser NFT mint.

Metarun is a pre-launch endless runner game with a P2E and NFT element coming down the line. Metarun will offer a form of crypto-powered freemium game, where the MRUN and OPAL tokens will work to upgrade skins and gain advantages within the game. 

The game is currently in closed beta, with a list open for early access when slots become available.

At the same time, the game has already started to establish its tokenomics, with NFT mints, partnerships, as well as the MRUN token, which already has limited trading pairs. 

MRUN trades on MEXC and PancakeSwap, though trading volumes are still under $200K. MRUN is also undergoing token burns to boost price action, as the asset has only traded since April 2022. For that time though, MRUN hit the worst stretch of the bear market, sliding from $0.04 to $0.004. 

The Metarun team is also planning a series of token buybacks, providing liquidity to boost the MRUN asset.

Metarun to Offer Main NFT Collection Soon

The MRUN token was sold during an IGO on the Gamestarter aggregator. The sale was held in February, at 0.03 BUSD per token, making MRUN mostly a losing proposition for early buyers. Now, the hope is that the game launch and NFT marketing will boost MRUN and potentially recover the market price. The MRUN token is held in 4,687 addresses and will have in-game utility.

A mint may be coming soon for Metarun, after a partnership with the metaverse project, Galaxy Arena.

The main playable NFT character sale is the next step in the game’s roadmap. Metarun had a strong development streak this summer, reaching the closed beta milestone. The next step will be to organize the allow list, present the NFT features and stats, and complete the mint before the open beta.

The game has sold NFT tickets, which can be swapped for the right to receive a character skin immediately once open beta launches. Metarun is part of a new trend in P2E, where the token element is added to an already advanced game, often with a mobile version.

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