Mines of Dalarnia Opens Deposit Time Window for Land Sale

Mines of Dalarnia is still in beta mode, awaiting the launch of its mainnet.

Mines of Dalarnia opened up the next stage of its much-hyped land sale. Deposits will be accepted until March 28, with a snapshot period until April 3. The deposit period follows a call for whitelisting earlier this month.

After that, the right to own land in another metaverse will be open to the Mines of Dalarnia community. 


This will be the biggest sale so far, with 2,620 land plots available. Mines of Dalarnia also holds the last land sale before launching its testnet later this year.

Mines of Dalarnia Still Relies on NFT Activity

Mines of Dalarnia reached many fans with its Mining Ape playable and collectible characters. The NFTs hold a 0.24 ETH floor price on OpenSea, with a 1.2K ETH trading volume.

Mines of Dalarnia uses a lottery principle for its land sales, with the latest lottery ending March 21 and distributing 500 land plots. The first land sale lottery ended in January, where 1,040 plots were distributed. 

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the games available with a free-to-play mode after a beta launch. The current data for on-chain activity show only 15 active users per day, though the game has a much larger community and may not reveal all playing statistics.

One of the reasons is that the activity is tracked for the NFT collection. The game itself will run in testnet for a while more before launching its own mainnet. 

DAR Token Gains on Land Sale News

Since the first announcement of the upcoming land sale lottery, DAR has been regaining positions. 

DAR is now near a one-month high at $0.88, after rapid appreciation. DAR is quick to react to game announcements, with trading activity also near a monthly peak. 

DAR trading activity was close to $400M in a day, mostly boosted by Binance exchange activity. DAR has only about 1,000 holders on the Ethereum network, but 37,825 wallets generated on Binance Smart Chain. Before the mainnet launch, however, the project’s Mining Ape NFTs are traded through Ethereum and denominated in ETH.

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