Mobox (MBOX) Adds 23K New Players Ahead of Alpha Launch

Mobox lined up among top games on Binance Smart Chain ahead of special awards event coming April 6.
  • Mobox prepares special reward event from April 6, coinciding with Alpha test launch.
  • MBOX rallied to $4.20 after token burn.
  • MOMOVerse avatars unlocked for participants in Binance NFT event in December 2021.

Mobox, the leading blockchain game on BSC, added 23K new players in a single week. MBOX, the game’s native token, also rallied by 40% on a mix of game performance and market hype. 

With Mobox’s bullish performance, the P2E game has dislodged Crazy Defense Heroes in the Top 6 Games ranking in Ranchimall and took the number 4 spot. The game also benefited from a recent social media game, opening up a temporary Wordle-like puzzle with daily hints. 

MBOX extended its gains to a recent peak of $4.20, up from weekly lows of $2.70. Trading volumes also gained and stood above $300M in 24 hours. 

What Drives the Mobox Hype

Mobox wrapped up the first year of creating the MomoVerse, its virtual world of playable avatars and digital land. Additionally, on April 2, a token burn destroyed MBOX the equivalent to $750,000. 

The MOMOVerse is a multi-experience environment with subsets of niche experiences: MOMO world, MOprofession, MOmarket, MOsocial, MOseum, MOland, MOBOX Creator.

Additionally, on April 5, selected users will be able to unwrap their avatar mystery boxes and withdraw the valuable digital items to their self-custody wallets. The buyers that participated in a special minting event set by Binance NFT will now have an avatar to participate in MOMOVerse activities and NFT mining. 

The Binance NFT Marketplace launched in February the MOBOX MOMOverse Mystery Box Collection, available exclusively to users who participated in the Binance Mini Program MOBOX events in December 2021. 

The NFT collection features lovable and unique MOMOs that can be used across all current and future games on the MOBOX platform. 

In addition to playable avatars, Mobox fans can anticipate the April 6 special event. The game will set up a series of daily tasks, and add special rewards with a level of chance. Players can compete for MBOX tokens, various Level 1 gems, a rare mystery box and a legendary mystery box.

The event will coincide with the long-awaited Alpha launch for the MomoVerse, also starting early testing from April 6, 8:00 UTC. The first testing stage will run until April 13.

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