MOOW Adds Swag Factor to Move-to-Earn, Tracking Multiple Activities

Lifestyle tracking game MOOW will try to balance its token minting to avoid token inflation.
  • MOOW is in closed alpha testing, distributing test virtual pulse trackers.
  • The game may give away some of its early NFT through its Discord channel.
  • MOOW will add sleep and meditation tracking in 2023.

MOOW is the latest trending move-to-earn game, aiming to create a strong community based on ownership and swag. Unlike the earlier move-to-earn projects, MOOW is going with playable avatars instead of trainers, and will try to be sustainable for the long term.

MOOW is also not linked to any sport, and expands into track-to-earn, going beyond footsteps or distance. The game is currently in closed alpha for testing, and has expanded several features in its latest version.

The central way of earning will be pulse tracking, which will also be reflected in owning a pulse tracker NFT. Added to the pulse tracker item, MOOW will also build its collectible side with highly imaginative 3D cows.

The game requires MOOW NFT ownership, though there are ways to acquire the item for free by joining the MOOW Discord community. Additionally, MOOW is trying to stand out among all Web3 games, while also rising in the category of move-to-earn and lifestyle apps.

The game is also designed to be responsive and offer a progress arc to every player. The initial fitness tracker NFT can be upgraded and add new parameters, which reflect different types of sports and activities. Players can bank their energy after tracking, and use it to buy upgrades. Once leveled up, players can earn a more meaningful prize in tokens. 

New Tracking Modes Added in 2023

The fitness trackers are virtual 3D bracelets, each with a unique design and part of a limited 10,000 item collection. The trackers will be at the heart of the game’s tokenization, which will be balanced based on demand. 

The TAC token is not yet sold, and the actuall offer may arrive in Q2. The open beta of the game is also expected in the middle of this year. MOOW will also produce a physical item to complement the game, which now uses any physical fitness tracking device. In the coming months, MOOW will also add minting through sleep cycle tracking, and through meditation tracking.

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