MOOW Move-to-Earn NFT Giveaway Still Open, Alpha Stage I Reaching End

Bullrunner is already a highly active free-to-play and NFT runner game, which helps build up the MOOW communtiy.
  • MOOW offers a mix of move-to-earn and Bullruner, a semi-idle endless runner game.
  • MOOW issues Fitness Tracker NFT and MOO NFT, the cows playable on Bullrunner.
  • MOOW is preparing for Alpha Stage II testing in the coming weeks.

MOOW is a newly growing move-to-earn franchise, with several types of NFT. Currently, MOOW has almost wrapped up its alpha testing and may be getting closer to an alpha release. Move-to-earn games have also been careful about their balance, avoiding the depletion of the ecosystem. 

MOOW is also appealing for its movement tracker NFT, which are the basis of assigning scores for moving. The game team reported around 200 free Genesis NFT fitness trackers.

MOOW also carries Cow NFT, which aim for popularity through detailed 3D designs and whimsical features. 

Alpha Testing Stage Coming Soon

MOOW is now in the process of building up its brand and community. The move-to-earn lifestyle app and game have been tested by hundreds of users daily. 

At this stage, MOOW is suitable for picking up NFT early, while exploring the move-to-earn earnings ratio. Alpha stage II is coming soon, another milestone before beta launch. 

MOOW also offers engagement though the Web3 game Bullrunner, an endless runner semi-idle feature using the Cow NFT from the MOOW universe. The Cow NFT also vary in rarity and may have in-game utility.

Bullrun is an avatar-based game happening in a cityscape of obstacles, and is a highly competitive game. For now, Bullrun is the main product of MOOW, which will be combined with move-to-earni activity.

Bullrun can also work as a free-to-play game with leaderboards, not limited to NFT owners. Only the earlier tests of Bullrun were limited to Cow NFT owners. Bullruner advertises itself as the first game in the MOOW ecosystem, with more potential features in addition to the basic movement tracking. 

Bullrun is yet to release its mobile apps, to tap one of the most successful Web2 game types, the runner game. Later in Bullrun, the game team will add various rewards for climbing the leaderboards. Additionally, players will be able to buy mystery boxes when the TIC and TAC tokens go live.

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