Myria Platform Offers Metaverse-Based Entry Points into Web3

Myria is boosting a new batch of Web3 games, offering an in-house wallet and native NFT marketplace.
  • Myria offers SDK for game projects, as well as consulting services for Web3 onboarding.
  • More than 500 projects have used the Myria app to publish their games or apps.
  • Myria offers a scalable solution to Ethereum and targets Web3 game developers.

Myria is one of the game-affiliated platforms that has brought new game titles and offers Web3 onboarding tools for artists and builders. Myria advertises itself as the Web3 game platform. The hub gained more exposure after adding Metarush, a pre-launch endless runner game with whimsical NFT characters. 

But Myria is also targeting teams that want to bring their product into the world of Web3. Myria is targeted to end users as well, and one of its latest events includes the chance to acquire and run a node.

Nodes are part of the platform’s infrastructure, but also a form of GameFi for their potential to bring passive income. Nodes have been widely used by Gala Games as a tool to onboard supporters, while sharing in tokenized rewards.

Just days before the node launch, Myria’s native token also went live on OKX, a new exchange to add more liquidity to the MYRIA asset. 

Despite MYRIA assets just entering price discovery, the network is game-ready and has attracted a new metaverse voxel game. VoxNET now plans to launch its entire game on Myria. 

The Myria product is already live as a dApp offering to onboard additional Web3 games. As of April 2023, Myria reports more than 500 projects picking the platform for its ease of use. 

Myria Offers Native Wallet, L2 SDK

Myria is a Layer-2 project, running on top of the bigger Ethereum network. As a L2 solution, it lines up with ImmutableX and some types of Polygon scaling, which is preferred by many Web3 building studios. 

Myria offers an in-house wallet as a service with L2 functions, as well as a native NFT marketplace. For developers, Myria also launched SDK to integrate its L2 blockchain access. Myria is dedicated to helping game projects start their Web3 journey, while tapping all the opportunities of Ethereum. 

With the L2 solution, games can achieve high-level transaction counts with no extra gas fees, while remaining attached to the Ethereum ecosystem for liquidity and swaps. Myria is also a curated project, with consulting services for picking the best tools and deploying the game on the blockchain.

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