Pocket Battles: NFT War Breaks 100K Daily Users Milestone

Pocket Battles: NFT War uses the MeVerse blockchain ecosystem for NFT and trading.
  • Pocket Battles: NFT War relies on building a Hero and Soldier army for idle battle.
  • POCKET tokens rely on MeVerse DEX for liquidity.
  • The game offers small regular earnings and big quarterly prize pools.

Pocket Battles: NFT War is another example of a successful free-to-play game with a blockchain component and asset ownership. Recently, the game lined up among top performers based on social media engagement. Pocket Battles: NFT War also broke its engagement record with more than 100K daily active users. 

The game is reaping success after only a few short months in the P2E space. The reason for this is that the team decided on a game-first approach. Still, Pocket Battles: NFT War also quickly targeted the crypto community with immediate swapping potential and earnings. 

Now, Pocket Battles will also tweak its fee and swapping system, while also adding new available hero NFT. 

Most of the game’s activity is off the blockchain, as most players are onboarded via the Android and iOS apps. Pocket Battles also uses the MeVerse blockchain and decentralized finance ecosystem for the value and liquidity of its POCKET token. 

While the game is still possible with a free team, owning one of the NFT heroes will grant extra powers and potential for advancement. Game heroes are also available through OpenSea in the form of Mystery Boxes with a 0.02 ETH price.

The one disadvantage of using POCKET tokens, staking and trading is the volatility of MeVerse DEX. However, the game project is solid and its NFT have real utility within the game. 

Pocket Battles is also often holding up its high rank on social media engagement and user searches, quickly becoming one of the staple games. Pocket Battles offers a prize pool, as well as freely accessible mode with small but regular daily earnings.

Quarterly prizes for leaderboards can reach $470,000, while daily earnings vary at around $0.50-$1. 

The game hinges around a strategy of building a complex team of Heroes and Soldiers, with the option of adding NFT Heroes. The actual battles happen in idle mode, and the outcome depends on the selection of strengths and weaknesses.

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