My Meta Farm: Preparing for Metaverse Launch in September

My Meta Farm is a mixed-type game in the alpha stage, offering potentially valuable NFT items.
  • My Meta Farm to offer metaverse features, survival gameplay and mini-games.
  • MMF token still not issued and tracked, may arrive soon.
  • My Meta Farm positions itself as multi-blockchain game on Avalanche, Polygon and BSC.

My Meta Farm is yet another game extending the crop-and-resource P2E model. This time, the game aims to give a more complex experience by building a 3D metaverse with avatars. The game will bring a socializing platform, as well as a simulated farm game. The game is temporarily unavailable and will come back this September with new NFT rarity features.

Recently, My Meta Farm also appeared among the most active Avalanche projects, boosting the blockchain’s presence as a carrier of completed high-level games. The game is also building up a presence on Polygon and BNB, adding multi-chain accessibility and a bigger potential outreach.

The game aims to bring back its metaverse experience in September. Recently, the game team announced an upcoming avatar-building tool, to help players choose from a set of features. The game has already distributed some early NFT and will soon expand their utility within the game.

My Meta Farm offers a mix of survival, resource gameplay, social metaverse, as well as mini-games. The game is still in alpha stage and may expect big changes and additions. My Meta Farm will resemble a sandbox game, with the potential to organize events, build avatars, add digital fashion and invite other projects and brands. 

My Meta Farm Prepares for Upgrades, MMF Token Launch

My Meta Farm aims to bring the MMF token, which still has limited trading activity. MMF will have a 1B total supply, though the asset is still not generated in a smart contract. 

Currently, the game’s avatars, pets and other items are trading using MATIC tokens on the Polygon network. The most rare legendary items reach asking prices of 12,345 MATIC, or above $6,000. 

The game’s user count is still untracked, especially during the current hiatus. A new downloadable version was launched in August 2022, while expecting September’s upgrades and partnerships. 

Currently, My Meta Farm has no active giveaways, but the project has a history of airdrops and encouraging the growth of local communities. My Meta Farm is targeting gamers in South Korea and Japan.

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