My Meta Farm Turns Top Trending Game on Avalanche

My Meta Farm is yet to issue its native token and so far offers free socializing, with the potential to buy land NFT.
  • My Meta Farm mixes multiple features, including socializing, farming, trading, and mini-games.
  • The metaverse game launched its latest version in October.
  • My Meta Farm is active on Avalanche, drawing in more interested followers.

My Meta Farm, a multiplayer simulated farming with battle royale elements, is gaining ground among Avalanche games. My Meta Farm is climbing the list as a top trending game on the C-Chain network.

The game is also lining up among most searched Web3 projects in the past few days, as well as recently showing up among the most searched games.

My Meta Farm is now on Avalanche, but its existing marketplace denominates some of the NFT in MATIC, running on the Polygon network. 

What Makes My Meta Farm Stand Out

My Meta Farm offers cheerful and creative 3D graphics, as well as a metaverse hangout spot similar to Decentraland or other open worlds. Beyond that initial stage, My Meta Farm aims to bring mini-challenges and features to keep players returning. 

The project is now expanding its appeal, being a relatively new metaverse game. After the launch, the project also boosted its social media presence. 

The game stands out for its set of 3D tools, where players build up their avatar from scratch. The metaverse allows for digital fashion and personalized creative tools. The set of creative tools is used to alter the biome and create new venues.

The metaverse offers different environments, both for general socializing and for mini-games and challenges. The world combines multiple biomes and venues for different experience themes. 

Additionally, the game offers simulated farming, where players also fully own their land plot. Players buy seeds and grow crops, which can then be used for crafting or resold on the market. The game includes cooking recipes, as well as fishing. For additional resources, there is open exploration of the wider metaverse. 

The City is the major meeting place for socializing. Players can also use portals within the game to access the mini-games parts of the world.

The game is yet to launch its intended token, the MMF asset, with a total supply of 1B, to be used for multiple tasks across the ecosystem.

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