Rollercoin Uneashes New Racing Challenge, Rabbit and Hamster Characters

Rollercoin offers real BTC, ETH, DOGE and other rewards for simulated mining.
  • Rollercoin offers a mix of mini-games and simulated BTC mining.
  • The game offers real Satoshi every 10 minutes, shared by all players.
  • Rollercoin brings varied challenges to gain simulated miners and boost mining power.

Rollercoin, a collection of mini-games and a data center simulator, is launching new challenges today. One of the events is a crafting race, where players will generate new items out of resources. The goal is to craft more simulated Miners and climb ahead of other players.

Players must join teams depending on which rewards they want to win. The Crafting Race will be open between January 23 and January 30, with the results tallied later. Rollercoin uses racing as a form of resource-gathering, allowing each team to achieve crafted results. Rollercoin aims for variety by introducing new miners, as well as new racing characters. 

Rollercoin: Catch the Rabbit

Rollercoin is bringing a new racing Rabbit character, in its signature 2D pixel style. In addition to celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, Rollercoin will also bring a Hamster character to make the racing more fun.

Rollercoin is also one of the few games to try payouts in older crypto coins. The simulated mining results in BTC, ETH, DOGE and MATIC. The game itself is based on Polygon, and may pay some of the assets as wrapped coins. 

In addition to racing, the simulated mining on Rollercoin resembles the process of BTC. Each 10 minutes, a new block is produced, and players share the reward based on their simulated mining power. Each 10 minutes, the game distributes a block with a real reward in Satoshi, which is the smallest unit of BTC. 100M Satoshi make up a whole Bitcoin. In Rollercoin, players share the reward based on their ranking.

The game resembles the approach of Mining Network, even taking a similar approach to a pixelated art style.

Rollercoin also includes mini-games, which add to the mining performance of players. Recently, the game saw delays due to a Polygon network update, but the mini-games returned.

Based on internal statistics, the game attracts 3,937 active miners, with a maximum of 17,147 so far. The game is free-to-earn, meaning any player can start building their data center and accrue simulated mining power only through gameplay.

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