Nine Chronicles Adds P2E Element in Chapter 3

NIne Chronicles released Chapter 3 at the end of June, with token rewards. Game relies heavily on Twitter promotion and onboarding codes.
  • Nine Chronicles is innovative, with direct blockchain records for game events.
  • NCG wrapped on Ethereum for decentralized trading.
  • Planetarium Labs raised $32M for Web3 development in infrastructure and content.

Nine Chronicles is one of the more advanced games to enter its third season. This time, Chapter 3 will also add P2E elements, including a token and a liquidity pool on the Balancer protocol.

Chapter 3 also comes with new themes and characters as an offshoot of the game’s story arc.

The only unfortunate element of this game is the requirement to give access to one’s Twitter account. The game asks for too many rights over Twitter handles, including the ability to tweet on the behalf of players. While the game is one of the most complete and appealing offers linked to a blockchain, this may hurt the onboarding process. 

Nine Chronicles Runs on Proprietary Blockchain

The Nine Chronicles game has only recently added an in-game token and a single smart contract. The MMORPG world has the ability to include tokens and NFT items. 

Nine Chronicles is also rare in its presence on Steam, an almost impossible listing feat for blockchain games. The blockchain element is secondary for the game, hence the in-house chain and wallet that differ from the usual crypto-centered onboarding.

The Nine Chronicles Blockchain produces a block every 11 seconds, and carries a reported 10 transactions per block. Most transactions are directly tied to game rewards or battle arena events. This approach is unique in games, which try to access the blockchain more rarely. However, users are complaining of a relatively slow game to process the transactions. 

Nine Chronicles Market Carries Bot Activity

While the grinding items and Gems from the game can be listed on a secondary market, there are rarely meaningful sales to be made. 

Nine Chronicles makes most of its payouts through Twitter accounts with a minimum of 20 followers. This has led to a market for permission codes, as well as multi-accounting and bots with subsequent in-game item overproduction. 

Nine Chronicles Gold (NCG), the in-game item, is wrapped as an Ethereum token to be used for decentralized trading. NCG is listed on Gate.IO and KuCoin, and currently trades at $0.14, after abandoning its peak levels close to $4 in the summer of 2021. 

At the current price and earnings potential, the game’s payout is about $1 per week. However, the in-game items needed for advancement are also relatively cheap.

Nine Chronicles Innovation Helps Planetarium Labs

Nine Chronicles is just one game in the portfolio of Planetarium Labs. Recently, the studio behind the game completed a financing round, raising $32M in a round led by Animoca Brands.

Planetarium Labs has an integrated Web3 team with the goal of popularizing decentralized products and building content.

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