Outer Ring MMO Game Prepares Series of Launchpad Token Events in March

Outer Ring scheduled an IDO with multiple launchpad platforms in early March, adding to a busy roadmap in Q1.

Outer Ring MMO, a space and sci-fi-themed multiplayer game, has announced its upcoming series of IDO events. The token sale will span several launchpads, tapping some of the most liquid markets. 

Outer Ring will tap Gamezone, BSCPad, and MetaVPad for its native token. The token sale is scheduled for March 2-3 and is a significant milestone in the game’s roadmap. The GQ native token will sell about 4% of its entire supply in the IDO, while 46% of the token will be locked in the treasury or only reach players as rewards over time.

Outer Ring Aims for Player-Based Economy

Outer Ring has learned a lesson from the development of play to earn metaverses. One of the risks is to build a tokenomics model that is exploitable by bots for low-level gameplay. Instead, Outer Ring will build a player-centered reward system to encourage real interactions. 

Outer Ring plans to introduce player-owned virtual shops, an NFT auction and swap platform and an incentive to contribute to the game for higher rewards. The game offers a metaverse with five competing races and three factions to pledge loyalty while attempting to conquer the metaverse’s resources.

The game will also include in-game exchanges and merchandise potential. 

What’s Next in the Outer Ring Roadmap

Besides launching its IDO and native token trading, Outer Ring has launched a roadmap counting from the end of December 2021. 

The first quarter will include the launch of the battle arena at the game’s core. Additionally, the bestiary and DNA gameplay is planned in the coming weeks, along with pets and bots. More additions are prepared before the end of Q2 – squads, clans, a map system and spaceships.

The game has already completed a smart contract audit by Techrate as of February 3. 

Outer Ring has also attracted a $6M funding round in December 2021 coming from nine investors. Currently, there are no official NFTs on OpenSea or other markets, and the game’s team has not made an official announcement. With an IDO upcoming, it is also possible the game may be attacked by scammers attempting to sell faked tokens. 

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