How to Swap Pegaxy PGX and VIS for PHP

Cash out of the Pegaxy game: how to swap PGX and VIS for PHP.

The Pegaxy game invites nearly 20K players in 24 hours, becoming one of the top play to earn offerings on the Polygon network. Pegaxy is also repeating the pattern of Axie Infinity (AXS) as one of the top popular play to earn games in the Philippines. 

For that reason, there is significant demand for direct swaps between PGX and especially VIS and the Philippine peso (PHP).

How to Swap PGX and VIS

Both PGX and VIS exist as tokens on the Polygon network, and are still seeking more exchange listings. PGX trades on QuickSwap, KyberSwap, DODO and UniSwap on Polygon, with the potential to switch to other crypto assets. 

PGX is thus changeable for USDT, USDC and wrapped Ethereum (WETH). The best approach is to switch to one of the available stablecoins (USDT, USDC). 

Tokens can be swapped between each other through some wallets offering exchange functions. Polygon-compatible wallets like MetaMask also offer small-scale swaps. 

How to Exchange Crypto for PHP

After moving into one of the available swap assets, it is possible to exchange crypto for fiat. The best tool to use is the brokerage based on Binance exchange. 

Binance can swap multiple crypto assets into PHP and pay them out to a local bank. Binance pairings with PHP include USDT and USDC. 

For some users, Binance supports selling directly to a debit card, which can then convert to PHP based on local bank exchange rates.

To recap, there is still no direct way to convert PGX or VIS into PHP, but there are workarounds using Binance’s brokerage service. 

How to Sell Pegas for PHP

Selling one of the game’s NFTs can be done through OpenSea, with a need to pay varied listing fees and possibly transaction fees. 

Once a Pega is sold for MATIC or ETH, it is possible to cash out either via stablecoins or directly for fiat through cash-based services on the Binance exchange. 

How to Buy VIS with PHP

The reverse process for buying VIS with PHP is also available on Binance. Once an account is established, it is possible to buy VIS for the purpose of breeding Pegas NFTs. 

Both PGX and VIS are highly volatile and past performance is no guarantee of future price action. PGX and VIS are still waiting to be listed on more exchanges and have no direct fiat pairings. 

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