Pegaxy Offers Another Cosmetic Tweak on Pega NFT

Pegaxy (PGX) will activate its Fabled Tokens with a new cosmetic non-heritable feature for its Pega.
  • Pegaxy to revive an old referral token in a bid to finally offer another exclusive NFT feature.
  • Burning FT for Pega crown will include $50 fee in VIS.
  • Pegaxy players call for tweaking the broken P2E model as VIS, PGX crash again.

Pegaxy will offer a new perk – Crowned Pega, an exclusive NFT feature coming September 1. For that reason, Pegaxy will add another element previously hinted in its white paper – the Fabled Token. Owners of Fabled Tokens will be able to add a new feature to their owned NFT items.

The Pegaxy Fabled Token has been created and is exceedingly rare, with only 772 on the blockchain record for Polygon assets. Fabled Tokens have been claimed in an event close to the game launch, and have not been issued since. 

The max supply of Fabled Tokens is 4,000 and their initial intention was to be used as a form of referral reward

There are also four tiers of rarity, based on the type of crown feature. The most common is single-crowned, with 64% probability. The rarest, with 1% probability, is a quadruple-crowned Pega. The crowned cosmetic feature is not inherited, so in theory there could be only 4,000 crowned Pega out of more than 1M NFT.

The Fabled Token is then burned, forever diminishing the supply. Each owner also has unlimited tries in drawing more rare crown features. Each attempt, however, costs the equivalent of $50 in VIS. The VIS deposited will then be burned and slightly affect the token’s large supply. 

Calls for Relaunching Pegaxy Due to Broken P2E Model

Pegaxy revived the old token mechanics without mentioning a new referral program. The token and rarity mechanic arrives at a time when some users are calling to re-tokenize the game or rebuild from scratch. 

The reason is that VIS and PGX, the game’s two main tokens, keep losing value. The Pega NFT market is also flooded with new items, which do not diminish with fusion. VIS sank from $0.00005 to $0.00004, while PGX lost its usual stability and is now at $0.008, losing about 50% of its value in a month. 

Pegaxy still manages to retain 4.4K players, while also limiting bots. Despite this, the game’s P2E model remains broken, and exclusive Pega features may not be enough to fix that.

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