TUS Price Prediction: Is This Crabada Game Token Undervalued (05.04.2022)

Treasure Under Sea (TUS) and Crabada (CRA) both considered undervalued, despite Crabada Game high P2E reward potential.

Crabada is one of the most successful play to earn games. It is single-handedly driving the adoption of the P2E model on Avalanche. The game is still in its automated stage and is played with a limited number of teams. 

Treasure Under Sea (TUS), the in-game token, aims to have a role similar to Smooth Love Potion (SLP) in the Axie Infinity space. 

TUS traded at $0.0864 after a long slide, coming down from $0.35 in February. TUS has attempted to make temporary recoveries, but now raises the question of when the price will bounce from the lows once again. 

TUS remains at a low per-unit price. Because the Crabada game is still at an early stage, TUS is not yet endangered with oversupply. This sparks bullish expectations for TUS, potentially making Crabada a more rewarding game. 

CRA stabilized around $0.88, still far from recent highs above $2. As with TUS, this asset expects to grow in value as the Crabada game gains more players.

TUS Price Prediction: What is the Target Value

Crabada turned into one of the most profitable P2E games in April 2022, due to efforts to curb bots as much as possible. TUS is also supported by its utility as a gas token. 

TUS has a supply of just 183M tokens in circulation as of April 2022. The Crabada game is relatively expensive to join due to the scarcity of teams, as the initial plan was to limit playable NFT Crabs. This can affect TUS as well, boosting value. With a supply that low, TUS could easily expect a rally if it joins a centralized exchange. 

TUS relies mostly on Pangolin DEX and Trader Joe, the leading decentralized markets on the Avalanche exchange. Despite the game’s popularity and the high valuation of CRA, TUS is restrained by low liquidity and could only break out with more exchange listings.

Both TUS and CRA are expected to rally higher in case Crabada reaches the popularity levels of Axie Infinity, inviting users with higher P2E rewards.

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