Pinup Warlords Offers Airdrop, Builds Up Player Base

Pinup Warlords is gaining favor with P2E players, for its collectible card value.
  • Pinup Warlords is a turns-based strategy with collectible NFT.
  • The game will add Conquest Mode soon.
  • Pinup Warlords is compatible with multiple WAX blockchain wallets.

Pinup Warlords, a game that started off as an NFT collection, is closing in on its beta launch for an updated version. Tentatively, the game wants to launch in mid-December. To mark the event, Pinup Warlords is starting another small airdrop campaign for lucky winners. The team is currently working on Conquest mode to add to the idle PvP battle.

Players are invited to complete a series of social media tasks to earn one of the rare packages of soldiers and items.

Pinup Warlords is a turns-based strategy with a card collection element, where teams aim to collect the best squad and defeat their opponent in a simulated idle battle. The game is already appealing to players as a live browser-based project.

Players also have the goal to collect the right type of cards and to complete the collections from each fraction. Fractions will have differently styled cards, allowing players to pick the look of their NFT and their skills within the game. 

Pinup Warlords has been in development since 2020 and is currently at the stage of raising its publicity. The game is now accruing more on-chain interactions, aiming to build up its presence despite the bear market. The game has weekly tournaments with special prizes, as well as an in-game token, which for now cannot be directly monetized.

Pinup Warlords is a Multi-Wallet Project

To access Pinup Warlords, players will need to login with one of the compatible wallets. The game’s main activity is on the WAX blockchain, where Pinup Warlords ranks at position 110 based on user visits. 

To access the games, players must have a WAX wallet and identity. Alternatively, Anchor and Wombat wallets can be used to access the game and the NFT. 

Some of the NFT and officer-class cards can be earned from gaming activity. Players are encouraged to join the project’s official Discord, and complete more daily quests and missions to earn more cards. 

In the future, Pinup Warlords will be play-to-own, releasing a map with resources. All items, acquired by mining or craftable, will be wrapped as NFT. Players can settle between themselves if they choose to trade the items.

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