Age of Zalmoxis: Preparing for the Land Chest Unlocking Event

Age of Zalmoxis aims to offer high-grade NFT while waiting for the actual game release.
  • Age of Zalmoxis is still in development, with a complex 3D world built using Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game offers passive income for early Land Chest buyers.
  • The Land Chests unboxing is coming soon, showcasing rare items.

Age of Zalmoxis is an ambitious metaverse and quest game, with stunning art and customizable characters. At the current stage, however, the game may still be years away from launching. Despite this, Age of Zalmoxis has chosen the path of NFT staking as a way to retain an audience. 

Now, the early buyers of NFT Land Chests will encounter a new stage – the unlocking of the NFT land chests. This event will expose the items promised in the chests, depending on a predetermined chance of obtaining rare items. The chests were relatively high-priced NFT, and the sale is still open.

The redeeming feature of chests is that players can receive KOSON tokens for staking their NFT. However, Age of Zalmoxis has noted that staking can continue even after opening the Land Chest. Players will still be able to stake and receive their passive income, while waiting for the game. 

Age of Zalmoxis will use Unreal Engine 5 and lines up among other complex 3D games with tokens and NFT. The game is also working on a more detailed version compared to other completed games such as Tap Fantasy and other adventures. Age of Zalmoxis is built with a realistic style, with the potential to appeal to gamers enjoying historical fantasy worlds.

What Makes Age of Zalmoxis Stand Out

Age of Zalmoxis is most notable for its stunning graphics, seen in a preview for the first time in Q3. The game is also producing high-grade art for its upcoming NFT reveals, and may offer customized characters. 

The team has launched its MVP and showcased some of the game mechanics to come up in the game. Based on NFT sold, Age of Zalmoxis will have to build multiple biomes with unique art, as well as customizable or variable characters. 

Age of Zalmoxis will use the Elrond blockchain, a specially created solution for fast and almost free transactions. This helps the game escape some of the contagion of the crypto ecosystem. 

KOSON, the game’s native token, is now drifting sideways and stagnant at $0.03, but current players may be keeping the token for the time when the game is fully launched.

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