Plant Empires Brings Jungle Against Zombies

More than 500K players have tried the Android version of the game.
  • Plant Empires offers an exciting tower defense with the constant addition of new characters.
  • The game expands on the Plants Vs. Zombies Web2 pay-to-win game, with optional NFT.
  • Plant Empires offers free access and options for using BNB Chain to hold NFT.

Plant Empires is the continuation of the plants vs zombies game theme, this time with a powerful Web3 mix. The game has more than 500K Android downloads, and is already well on track to be adopted as a free-to-play game with elements of ownership.

Plant Empires aims to appeal to both blockchain users and traditional gamers. Those that know how to use BNB Chain can acquire multiple NFT items. Others can only use the usual set of in-game boosts, plants and Heroes. 

Plant Empires expands on the idea of Plants vs. Zombies, though with a wider selection of defense plants. Players pick the best combination and special boosters to mount a tower defense against waves of zombies.

In addition to the free play, the game offers lucky draws with potential item prizes.

The current goal of Plant Empires is to expand its characters and features, while aiming for full team PvP in Q1, 2023. 

How Plant Empires Integrates Tokenization

Plant Empires will be free-to-earn, meaning even free players can pick up PEFI tokens. The main incentive is to roll back PEFI into the game. 

The asset will be used to buy arena tickets, acquire in-game Gold for upgrades, or to stake the NFT items for passive income. There is no requirement to buy PEFI or NFT plants or pets before starting, but players can always acquire those items along the way.

All the items collected within the game can undergo transformations, through the added functionality of Rooms. Players set up Rooms to fuse or craft items, with Pet Hatching coming soon.

As with Plants vs. Zombies, the aim is to get more powerful attacks and defenses and raise the level of all plants to meet harder zombie waves, disruptors or even end-game bosses.

Plant Empires is one of the most complete Web3 games in 2022, with a solid plan for expansion. The game is published by Brave Zone and produced by CSCMobi.

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