Plant Vs Undead: Is This Game Still Among Top Popular P2E

Plant Vs. Undead offers PvP and farming mode with seasonality gameplay and planting strategies.
  • Plant Vs Undead started off as a highly popular game, later losing its appeal as PVU token sank.
  • Plant Vs Undead still attracts players from Southeast Asia.
  • PVU token suffered a heist in June.

Plant Vs Undead was a game that aimed to rival even Axie Infinity. The game offered a simple but popular tower defense model, with PvP and farming mode. Currently, the game’s main features such as the NFT market and token sale are reporting maintenance mode. 

The game’s goal was to achieve the right balance and synergy of plants and defeat wave after wave of zombies.

However, Plant Vs Undead fell down the ranks and became an obscure Binance Smart Chain game, at least in terms of its smart contract interactions. The game is otherwise downloadable and playable outside blockchain interactions. 

The Plant Vs Undead game is getting less engagement from social media. However, the game is still highly active on the Asian market. 

Even with a low return, the game’s planting mechanics are addictive enough. The game introduces seasons, which limit the availability of certain crops, building a waiting time into the game. 

Yet there are signs Plant Vs Undead remains a risky bet, and may no longer be viable as a P2E. Communication from the team remains scarce and a recent token loss may further hurt the game’s value and reputation.

PVU Token Loss Hurt Game Economy

Plant Vs. Undead was also hurt by a June heist which took away PVU tokens. The tokens were reportedly lost in a phishing attack. 

At the same time, the game continues as usual, with regular server upgrades. However, the biggest loss is the PVU token. The in-game asset peaked a few times above $22 during the last quarter of 2021. Later, the token sank to $0.22, but continued crashing to lows of $0.01. Currently, PVU trades around $0.02. 

PVU relies mostly on Gate.IO and PancakeSwap pairs, while also revealing the fragility of the game’s economy. 

Plant Vs. Undead also had limited success with its representation on OpenSea. An attempt was made to list some of the seeds and plants, but with limited success.

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