Play Crabada Battles Coming May 15, Swimmer Network Launches

Crabada (CRA) will offer Adventure, Mining and Battle game, with expanded Crab teams after breeding events.
  • Swimmer Network will first run a new Crabada Alpha with 15,000 test Crabs.
  • TUS fees will decrease token supply with a 50% burn.
  • Battle game launches in six days, based on Crab statistics.

Play Crabada will fulfill its promise to launch its battle game by the end of May. The game team announced May 15 as the date to launch the battle game. In the meantime, players will be able to look for the best combinations of Crabs to win battles.

The battle will be based on the statistics of existing and upcoming Crabs. Overall, the battle potential depends on a mix of base qualities and bonuses based on rarity, with special bonuses for Genesis and Pure Breed Crabs.

The battle game will still require teams of three crabs, though players may pick the best ones for battle. Before the battle game, Crabs were used for mining gameplay and for renting, using their statistics to acquire resources. 

Swimmer Network Starts Producing Blocks

Swimmer Network, the long-promised subnet on Avalanche, was announced this Monday. The network already produced 669 blocks in the first hours since inception. So far, the blocks carry only a few transactions, while the bulk of Crabada transfers is still on Avalanche.

The network will burn 50% of all fees. The Swimmer Network still does not carry the current game version. Instead, early testers received 15,000 Crabs as an airdrop to test the Swimmer Network and its capability for fast, low-cost transactions.

Crabada Problems: Gas Fees, TUS Price

The Crabada game had a major problem with relatively high gas fees which cut into profits. Despite the low cost of the Avalanche network, the fees add up. Crabada burns more than 15% of all gas on Avalanche C-Chain, with around $1,250 in fees accrued in just five minutes. 

TUS has fallen to $0.013, a level at which players may find renting unprofitable. However, TUS expects to be used for gas fees now that Swimmer Network is operational. Additionally, Crabada holds regular TUS burns from breeding fees.

Crabada is still at the stage where it wants to expand the Crab NFT and build more teams. But this time, battle advantage will go to those that manage to pick the best teams of three. Over time, the value of successful Crabs may also rise.

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