5 Ways to Earn from Games in a Market Downturn

New games and collections offer earier access, often without the need to buy expensive NFT ahead of the beta launch.

In 2022, the prices of crypto coins and tokens weakened, though temporary recoveries still gave hopes the bear market may not happen. But most assets are now significantly lower compared to their peak prices in 2021. Still, there is some potential to keep gaining from P2E games, both older and newly launched.


One tool to continue earning is to switch to games with a free-to-play mode, which also offer NFT airdrops and earnings on the side. This approach avoids the need to over-invest in NFT items before even playing. Play and earn games include Sunflower Land, as well as the upcoming TimeShuffle

Metaverse Land Plots

Metaverse land plots are a source of passive income. For early plot buyers, the best approach is to hold their asset and see how it will bring passive income once the game is completed. Valuable land plots have appeared on almost all games, including Axie Infinity. Metaverse land plots also allow for decoration, as well as building sub-games or scenes. 

Buying Low-Priced Tokens

This may be risky, but some of the game tokens now come at a lower price. Unfortunately, this may mean a game is no longer profitable, and it would actually make more sense to buy the reward token. Buying tokens is risky and it’s best to know the game models before engaging. Trading, especially with leverage, is even riskier. But if a game looks like having an array of products ahead and good liquidity, buying its token at a lower price may bring returns. 

Airdrops and Freebies

Now is the time to look for airdrops and tokens that can be earned without an initial investment. Social media have NFT airdrops almost daily. Another source of free items or tokens may be any new upcoming games offering giveaways or early earnings.

New move-to-earn games also offer an accessible entry point and tokenized earnings, by using a blockchain version of movement trackers.

Social Media and Metaverse Events

A special case of giveaways, games are also opening up competitions and content participation. Social media events with puzzles, voting or producing game images are a source of tokens. Some of the events are also happening in the metaverse in the span of a few days, with special rewards set aside.

Play-to-earn games appeared during the tail years of a crypto bear market. Expectations for 2022 is to be a relatively difficult year in terms of price action. But projects like Gala Games, The Sandbox, Mobox and other leading games have significant development ahead. With many launches ahead, P2E may not have the regular or outsized earnings of earlier years, but may still offer opportunities to gain unique items and become a part of growing communities.

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