Polygon Ecosystem Shows Growth in Q2, Driven by P2E Games

Polygon draws in more smart contract creators and NFT builders.
  • Sunflower Land climbs to the top as the most visited Polygon game.
  • Polygon Network marks faster growth in smart contract creation.
  • Polygon NFT added to Trust Wallet.

The Polygon ecosystem remained one of the most successful scalable solutions to P2E gaming. Polygon (MATIC) hosts the migrated copies of multiple games, as well as DeFi solutions, meaning the same network carries both earning opportunities and exchanges with liquidity to swap game tokens. 

Polygon carries two of the more prominent P2E games from the past few months, including Pegaxy and Sunflower Land. Another game, Aavegotchi, is also boosting the usage of Polygon, with significant growth in the past quarter. 

Sunflower Land remains the top game on Polygon, after renewing its user count to above 13K in the past day. Pegaxy is still among top 10 games, though with a fluctuating player count. The Polygon network carries around 89K active addresses per day, while at the same time hosting almost constant creation of new smart contracts.

Smart contract growth was one of the signs of success for Polygon, with 1,000 new contracts added in the past quarter, with more than 90K active smart contracts. 

Polygon is also far from being in a full bear market. MATIC, the native token of the network, trades around $0.80, after recently moving above $0.92. MATIC has a small net loss year-on-year, and is one of the better performing tokens in Q2. 

The success of Polygon adds to the demand for other solutions, known as L1. Along with Polygon, projects on Solana and Avalanche kept adding new NFT collections and games. 

Polygon NFT Added to Trust Wallet

NFT on Polygon are among the most active, due to their availability on OpenSea. Polygon was the first network to be added after Ethereum, due to its compatibility. 

Now, Polygon NFT are also added to the Trust Wallet, a multi-chain tool with access to the gaming and token ecosystem. Polygon is also preferred for the low cost of minting.


The addition means all Polygon NFT, including those from games, would be tradable directly from the wallet, without a need to list to OpenSea.

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