Ragnarok Meta: Ronin NFT Gain Popularity

Ragnarok Meta is transparent about its development process and upcoming art.
  • Ragnarok Meta keeps growing player base and social media outreach.
  • NFT items with nearly 20K ETH traded, successful high-level resales.
  • Open world concept is based on avatars and NFT with utility.

Ragnarok Meta is adding a new model with a hyper-social RPG and metaverse game. Ragnarok is still among Ethereum games, ranking somewhere in the top 300 based on DappRadar data.

Ragnarok Meta continues to differentiate itself with active development and artwork. The game’s goal is to offer an immersive experience with missions and quests. Ragnarok is one of the teams offering transparency on its tasks and development process, hinting at another batch of Ronin coming to market. The game is currently live with existing Ronin collections, including the Ronin Zero mint of 7,777 playable characters.

Some of the NFT helped large accounts to achieve significant selling volumes, with the highest above $600K in resale value. In the past months, however, the NFT items slid in terms of floor prices, which at one point were above 0.6 ETH. More than 3K players hold some of the early NFT items, with scarcity becoming the biggest driver of value. Ragnarok Meta is not available as free to play, hence a Ronin ownership is key to all in-game quests and missions.

Ragnarok Meta Centers on NFT Utility

The biggest success of Ragnarok Meta lies in its Ronin artwork. The NFT collection has achieved 0.17 ETH floor price and nearly 20K ETH in turnover. The game’s avatars are also attracting other NFT communities, such as fans of Bored Ape Yacht Club. Ronin Meta aims to bring a hyper-social game, while also engaging its audience on Web2 platforms. Buyers of Ronin have special perks, such as custom illustrations based on their avatars. 

Ragnarok Meta is an MMORPG with an open world aspect, giving a hint at the potential for Otherworld Meta to build a similar product based on BAYC avatars. 

The game features buildings and venues with an internal market for items and weapons. One of the goals is to deploy shops and stations to support the game’s lore. The metaverse aims to have additional NFT based on in-game functions and utility. The game’s team keeps animating the venues and special features, aiming for a game accessible through all browsers.

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