Sunflower Isles: Sneak Peak into Sunflower Land and Farm Expansions

Sunflower Land may grow its complexity, adding a free building element.
  • Sunflower Isles will allow map expansion and building.
  • Bumpkin dynamic avatars will start testing in October.
  • Sunflower Land to grow into a full metaverse game.

Sunflower Land is still in its sandbox beta stage, and the game may expect an ongoing evolution. The next stage will be to rebuild the land, which is the basis of resource play. Sunflower Land has hinted at land expansion and even showcased some of the building mechanics. But now, the next stage may be Sunflower Isles, a test for new map areas. 

While Sunflower Isles have been announced, their actual launch may be months away. For now, the game mechanics are still tested. 

The game may start to evolve from a closed simulated farming type and more into an endless metaverse and sandbox type of game. For now, the Sunflower Land total player limit is still relatively small, and active players are only a few thousand per day. 

Sunflower Land Expands the Economy

Sunflower Land now wants to move into a P2E game with a wider, growing in-game economy, after experimenting for months with limited crops and trading. 

The map will now gain Sunflower Isles, new locations which can be built using resources of wood and stone. Over time, the Islands may also turn into restricted areas, reachable only after leveling up. 

The other items close on the timeline will be additional buildings and decorations for the farms. 

New Type of NFT Coming

Sunflower Land is also getting closer to launching Bumpkin NFT. The new collection will have a separate mint and all player avatars will be upgradable. 

Players will be able to craft or buy SFT tokens, or cloting items for their character. All the clothes and accessories will be reflected on the avatar’s image when listed for NFT resale.

The testing stage for Bumpkins will begin in October, with more delay in the wider public launch. The full Dynamic Avatars will be accessible to all players at a later date.
Sunflower Land is currently ranked sixth among Polygon apps as the player count diminished to 4.28K in the past day. SFL retained some of its recent gains and stands at $0.07.

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