The VoxVerse Plans Trolls-Themed NFT Sale Through Coinbase NFT

The VoxVerse will work as an open world and offer utility to avatars and Vox Souls.
  • Trolls will be the fourth themed VoxVerse NFT avatar collection.
  • Owning a Troll NFT may grant access to VoxVerse metaverse land plots.
  • Gala Games will offer additional perks to NFT buyers.

The VoxVerse, a voxel RPG and metaverse game, is taking the path of The Sandbox with branded and themed items. The latest collection is made in partnership with Dreamworks and will feature characters from the Trolls movie. The public sale is coming this week, after a private round. This is the fourth NFT collection from VoxVerse, featuring specialized editions in partnerships with games or media.

So far, VoxVerse has promoted characters based on TownStar, Mirandus and Walking Dead, some of the leading brands of Gala Games. 

The VoxVerse is focusing on collections, and has chosen the recently launched Coinbase NFT, which focuses on high-end items. Coinbase NFT had limited trading, but is one of the hubs for the high-value, high-profile NFT such as Crypto Punks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. 

VoxVerse NFT are part of a series of sales happening on Coinbase NFT in the past few days. Coinbase NFT is organizing its own series of drops with varied entry rules. The market is picking up speed after an initial slow start, with top projects reaching nearly 250ETH in turnover. The hub is keeping the NFT market alive, even though not at the same level of hype. 

VoxVerse Offers Early Chance to Win Land

The VoxVerse will aim to expand and include land plots in its open world. Each buyer of Troll NFT may also win metaverse land plots in the upcoming world. The VoxVerse is borrowing The Sandbox model, where some of the access and experiences are only open to specific avatar owners.

As part of the Gala Games ecosystem, buying a Troll Vox NFT will grant access to additional perks and items from the Gala ecosystem. Owners of Gala nodes or special badges also had a first pick on the collection, starting at 0.66 ETH mint price.

VoxVerse is one example of NFT-based games that are using hype to drive adoption, but also each NFT grants additional rights and perks. Holders of VoxVerse NFT are encouraged to keep them for the long term as a source of future opportunities.

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