Voxie Tactics (VOXEL) Game Studio Gets Propped by Binance Labs Funding

Voxie Tactics received grant from Binance Labs to boost game expansion and scaling.

The Voxie Tactics game received special attention from Binance Labs, and will receive funding to accelerate its growth. Binance Labs has partnered with Always Geeky Games to scale the Voxies ecosystem. 


Voxies is currently in closed beta, with testing and changes as the game progresses. The latest update is a shift in character placement to erase starting advantage. 

Voxies remains one of the hottest NFT collections, and hopes soon to become a large-scale, publicly released game. Voxies command a 0.4 ETH floor price, with 10K items listed on OpenSea. Currently, DappRadar data show only a handful of users and transactions registered on-chain. Voxie Tactics aims to increase its used base with the eventual open beta launch. 

But based on the statistics of Binance Labs, there have been more than 300,000 downloads of the game, with 100,000 battles played in the current testing version. Based on that early success, Binance Labs will grant the equivalent of $1.1B to scale the game and help Always Geeky Games bring more play to earn developments.

Binance Labs considers Voxie Tactics as a potential mixed-platform, multi-mode game with free to play versions and play to earn options. The beta launch is the first stage of building up the game using player feedback, with the goal of constantly adding items and improving the game mechanics.

VOXEL Crashes to Weekly Low

VOXEL, the native asset of the Voxies game, sank to $1.20 after a rapid decline in the past day. VOXEL is now near a weekly low, as the native token still has limited usage within the game. 

The asset is facing a setback despite the recent launch of a new native marketplace to supplement the OpenSea NFT trading. For now, using VOXEL for NFT trading is limited. 


VOXEL is closely watched for making a comeback, but in the short term, there are predictions the price may continue to drop before bouncing. The new NFT marketplace will also open for the sale of items earned in the current beta version.

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