WAX (WAXP) Rallies, Gains Popularity as Key to Fast NFT and Play to Earn Transactions

WAX blockchain opens a busy NFT sale and airdrop schedule in the coming days, still the fastest blockchain for top P2E games.

WAX (WAXP) remains one of the fastest and busiest blockchains purpose-built for gaming. But its publicity lags behind Ethereum-based projects, and the asset is relatively distanced from the hype on cryptocurrency social media. Now, WAX may be gaining attention as 2022 turns out to be the year of play to earn and NFT airdrops and trades.

WAXP became one of the top earners among play to earn tokens on Thursday. After adding more than 3% overnight and nearly 12% in the past week, WAXP broke out to $0.37, bouncing from the one-month lows around $0.27.

WAX lined up among the most mentioned blockchains in the past 24 hours, following announcements from the team and media exposure. 


One of the chief advantages of the WAX network is its highly active NFT market, which is set aside from OpenSea and other speculative marketplaces. WAX has supported in-game items trading for years before the NFT hype took over.

In the past few days, the Wax blockchain also completed two significant NFT airdrops. One was for the Blockchain Brawlers play to earn game, and the other originated with WAX itself, airdropping 10 million Wax Pins images to the whole supportive community. 

WAX Blockchain Expands NFT World

The WAX blockchain has multiple NFT events in the coming days, for a busy period until February 13. On Saturday, the much-awaited Zombie Coin land sale is finally coming, with other games adding to their card or item collections. NFT collections on WAX have the advantage of no gas fees and a large resale marketplace.

To keep track of airdrops and resales, WAX Blockchain built a data hub to watch the best-performing apps and games. 


Based on Blocktivity data, the inflow of games and collections makes WAX the busiest blockchain, with the most active track record and peak transactions per second.

Alien Worlds and Farmers World are still the top distributed apps on WAX with a total of 320,000 players, outpacing some of the busiest Ethereum and BSC games.

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