Zombie World Z: Prepare for Next Seasonal Challenge

Zombie World Z is open to anyone, with leaderboards open for special challenge seasons.
  • Zombie World Z offers a defense game with waves of zombies and Game Boss tournaments.
  • The game is free-to-earn, meaning anyone can start getting tokens.
  • New short tournament arriving soon, land sale in the roadmap among the next steps.

Zombie World Z recently completed one of its short-term seasons with special boss fight challenges. The game wrapped up Season 35 and is now preparing for its next installment. 


Zombie World Z is the Web3 version of an already established game, Zombie Idle Defense. As in the original game, the goal is to destroy waves of zombies, overpowered disruptors and game bosses. The game boosted its popularity after games like ZombieNoid and Plant Empires came to the front, reviving simple gaming models with potential earnings. 

Zombie World Z offers multiple originally designed NFT Heroes, which can be deployed in teams of up to five, using their special skills to fight off zombies. Players can pick from 11 Heroes from four classes, each with their specific metrics and skills. All gameplays during active seasons are eligible for BRAIN token rewards. The in-game token is also used for NFT and upgrades.

Zombie World Z Adopts Multi-NFT Model

While BRAIN tokens are unlimited and will be used in the game, the ZwZ token will be used for governance and will be given as tournament prizes. The game offers Weapons, Land and Pet NFT as well. Zombie World Z is free-to-earn, meaning players gain tokens no matter which mode they use. But some types of upgrades will require the owning of BRAIN or ZwZ to craft, upgrade or mint additional NFT.

The game also offers mystery Cases, reselling on offers as high as 3 BNB on the project’s marketplace. However, the presence and trading of NFT does not preclude the game from being entirely free to start for new players.

Currently, the game is available for download, but will also move to Apple Store and Google Play in the coming months, joining a growing list of P2E and Web3 games. For its tokenization and NFT trades, Zombie World Z will use Binance Smart Chain, one of the common selections for games and collectibles.

So far, the game has completed major milestones in terms of releasing bosses for its main gameplay. In the coming months, the next step may be the sale of map plots.

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