Axie Infinity Card Moves: Learn These Before Joining a Battle

Axie Infinity cards are great to know ahead of the game to have the best battle advantage. Track the latest seasonal changes with this guide.

Axie Infinity offers easy access to anyone who wants to play. But for successful gameplay, one important element can give an important edge. Axie Cards are at the core of attack and defend strategies. 

Cards represent Axie skills and deploy the features of the characters in every team. The right combination of Axie beast cards can help in battle mode. 

Over time, choosing the best Axie cards will lead to better battle outcomes. 

What is the Cost of Axie Cards

Axie cards have a cost of 1 or 0, and that affects the character’s energy indicator. Getting to know ahead of time which cards are zero-cost will help with selection. 

A full list of cards can be found here. Card availability and combinations vary by playing season. 

How to Apply Axie Cards

To apply the best Axie infinity cards, be aware which are the hottest play cards for the current season of the game. 

Then, the class of your Axies means specific attacks, such as beast cards or aquatic class cards can be more suitable. 

There are nine classes of Axies with a game relationship where each class has strengths and weaknesses against each other. Classes are as follows:

  • Beast
  • Bird 
  • Bug
  • Dawn
  • Dusk 
  • Mech
  • Plant
  • Reptile

Classes can be tied to the current Axie cards for the season, making the most of each class strengths and weaknesses with the best cards. Mech, Dawn and Dusk classes confer special abilities and amplify the effect of some cards. 

Cards are also used for each Axie body part. Axie anatomy is simple, with six body parts: eyes, ears, horns, mouth, back and tail. With the exclusion of eyes and ears, all body parts confer attack or defense advantage. Picking cards is linked to the abilities and confers attack or shield advantage based on a combination of card tier, Axie class and season specifics.

What are the Best Axie Card Combinations

There is no best approach to choosing Axie cards for battle. However, there are more versatile and readily available cards recommended as strategies. 

Cards also get power changes each season. The best approach is to explore available cards based on attack, power, Axie type and other features. 

Cards are one game feature that can be constantly improved and changed. Recently, the Axie Infinity game team discover an exploit which exposed the cards picked by opponents. 

Following official and unofficial social media for Axie card tips is the best way to follow which cards are getting overpowered or altered in other ways during each play season.

Are Cards NFTs

The Axie cards themselves are not sold separately as NFTs. However, they are related to the choice of Axies, or playable characters. Breeding characteristics can amplify card statistics and sway the battle in favor of a specific class or secret class of Axie.

Breeding Axies may produce both pure breeds, which for instance may have advantage when using an Axie beast card. Other combinations produce the hidden classes with special abilities and influence over card abilities.

Cards have only in-game functionalities and are not related to the token rewards and play to earn mechanics of Axie Infinity. However, battle victories are a source of Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens, a key reward and breeding mechanism. 

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