Axie Infinity: Peak Battle Activity, Most Players Log Off-Chain Battles

Axie Infinity diminished the importance of SLP and has added more exclusive items as leaderboard rewards.
  • Axie Infinity set off with Homeland Season 3 with looting and PvP mechanics.
  • Exclusive items and NFT added only for Homeland leaderboard winners.
  • Axie Infinity Origins set record of PvP matches in its fourth regular season.

Axie Infinity is setting up a paradox in Web3 space. On the one hand, the game is very far from logging the millions of on-chain interactions as during the P2E peak of 2021. On the other hand, it is still a high-profile game with highly popular tournaments both in its Origins and Homeland features. 

Axie Infinity actually saw Origins: Season 4 as one of its most successful in terms of logged matches, despite the low on-chain activity. The latest statistics show Axie Infinity is managing to thrive as a game even away from peak times. 

At the current engagement rate, Axie Infinity has roughly around 10K daily on-chain interactions on the Ronin network. The previous peak rate of Ethereum transactions was mostly due to fast-pace Axie NFT breeding, as well as SLP token trading. Now, the game is aiming to be more sustainable with e-sports prize pools and a season-based prize pool. SLP has importance within the game, but not so much as a tradable token due to inflation.

Axie Homeland Adds Looting Mechanic with Ragoons

One of the big changes in the Homeland Alpha Season 3 will be the ability to loot leaderboard points. For this goal, Sky Mavis introduced the Ragoons, shapeshifting creatures which can get disguised as Adventurers. 

Ragoons in disguise will visit other players’ land plots and loot their leaderboard points through PvP battle. But if exposed and caught using Spygum, the Ragoon will not fetch extra leaderboard points.

The Alpha Season 3 for Homeland started from June 21, and will restart the leaderboard counting and rewards. Sky Mavis continues to increase engagement with in-game challenges, as well as regular social media tasks. Homeland will have a smaller prize pool of 5,000 AXS, but add rare and exclusive items as the main source of engagement.

Currently, players and fans can create avatars with their Axie NFT and use them in social media to further popularize the Axie games.

The new Homeland season will also feature new art and locations linked to the Ragoons characters.

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