ChainLink Expands Partnerships for Web3 Innovation

ChainLink joins Web3 projects with developer trainings on using oracles.
  • ChainLink offers training in integrating its oracle services for smart contracts.
  • ChainLink partners with game projects in some of the top blockchains.
  • Training for Web3 is one of the major sources to recruit developer talent and new projects.

ChainLink once again showed it remains central to the infrastructure of Web3. The project is tailoring multiple partnerships, which will build tools for various aspects of Web3 building. ChainLink already offers its services to some of the top blockchains that carry games and NFT projects. 

ChainLink makes use of its oracles, which can grab pricing information for various crypto assets. Additionally, ChainLink has a proven random number generator for the need of games and NFT collections. 

Recently, ChainLink also joined to boost one of the BNBChain solutions for Web3 developers. As an oracle supplier, ChainLink will support the Zero2Hero incubator for Web3 development.

The BNBChain hub will offer a series of trainings, boot camps and a hackathon to onboard developers to blockchain features and Web3. The trainings are part of the Encode Club activity, and seek new talent for one of the biggest training venues in Web3.

BNBChain and ChainLink thus target even beginner developers with no specific project in mind. Finding new talent for Web3 follows signs that venture funding may be waiting for some of the best projects in 2023. But even small-scale creators and game enthusiasts are called to join Web3 space, which has produced many grass-roots successful game projects.

ChainLink also announced a partnership with Poolside Accelerator, with the goal of helping Web3 developers integrate oracle services.

Oracles are key elements of smart contracts, which ensure that events only happen based on accurate and timely information. An oracle can automate a process and launch the smart contract, turning it into one of the time-saving tools for projects. ChainLink itself has prepared a series of tutorials and workshops to boost the integration of the right types of oracles.

ChainLink is one of the older blockchain projects, covering several aspects of Web3, including GameFi, DeFi, NFT randomization, in-game randomization for item drops and some forms of crypto swaps and trading. LINK is also among the top liquid tokens, represented on major exchanges.

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