DoRac: Alpha Version Now Available on Mobile

DoRac mixes an idle and competitive elements in a metaverse and simulated racing game.
  • DoRac offers desktop and mobile alpha versions, awaiting player feedback.
  • DORC token remains unlisted, still no pricing mechanism.
  • 7,777 dogs minted, other types of NFT coming to the game.

DoRac is a simulated racing game based on digital hounds. With 7,777 NFT available, the game offers a play-and-earn model, with perks for token owners. Recently, DoRac launched an alpha version on mobile, with a call for early player feedback.

The launch helped list DoRac among trending games as a P2E offering worth tracking. DoRac is just starting out and may offer a favorable earnings balance.

DoRac goes beyond the simple racing model with a strong metaverse element. Players breed and train their dogs before participating in competitions. But the metaverse of DoRac is also an open world for idle gameplay, now also available as alpha test version.

To add to the experience, DoRac issues several types of NFT:  dog, player ID, usable, mint pass, and mystery box. More mints may be coming in the future, and the items will be traded in the game’s native marketplace. 

Each NFT dog will have a set of parameters – agility, weight, luck and stamina, which determine the outcome of simulated racing. The game will include regular races, tournaments, and special championships to distribute prizes.

DORC Token Awaits Listing

DoRac is the issuer of the DORC token, which will have a deflationary feature. DORC will be used for governance, hence the incentive to hold onto the remaining tokens. DORC is based on Binance Smart Chain, with 1.5B tokens limit and still no price discovery mechanism. The DORC token may be listed in the coming months, adding a P2E element to the game. 

DoRac is now entering the active marketing stage, with enough game completion to drive early player adoption. The game’s player count is still untracked, and most of the interactions may happen off the blockchain. DoRac aims to bring a freely accessible game with a small addition from BSC tokenization and NFT items. 

DoRac is also building up its partnership with other Web3 projects and guilds.

Watch out the game’s official channels for new NFT announcements, giveaways or special events. DoRac NFT are only getting tentative listings on OpenSea, with most items on the game’s native marketplace.

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