Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons: Still Time to Join The Avengers Event

Mytheria uses BNB Chain where players connect their wallet to use their deck of cards.
  • Mytheria is a card collection game with battle strategy and multiple game modes.
  • Tournaments offer regular battles or events for selected players.
  • Mytheria may base some of its cards on user-generated content.

Mytheria: Clash of Pantheons is still running the Avengers event, active until December 28. Mytheria is a game in the style of Gods Unchained, hinging on card collections to gain advantage. Players can now compete for additional MYRA token rewards.

Mytheria is free to start, though with incentives to earn and invest in rare cards. The game offers a create-to-earn card-swapping game, where the gods of different traditions battle for dominance. The main game activities include socializing, battles, card trading and upgrading. Regularly, the game team also releases rare or exclusive cards with special powers. 

Players can pick from the Greek, Norse, Chinese, Egyptian and Vietnamese pantheons, each with their specific powers. Mytheria has completed most of its promised milestones in 2022, reaching wider adoption. The game is fully deployed on BNB Chain, though most of the activity happens off-chain, with players only connecting a wallet to make their decks visible in the game.

Mytheria Offers Creators a Chance to Mint NFT

Mytheria has a special Godforge feature, where skilled artists can display their work and see it incorporated into the game’s pantheon as NFT. Mytheria also often shares exclusive cards to boost adoption. 

Players are also encouraged to present their top cards on social media, especially during events. 

Mytheria Offers Simple Gameplay with Multiple Modes

The main gameplay of Mytheris centers around a 2X6 grid, where players select cards. After that, they can choose which card to attack and wait to see if the attack is viable. The winner is the one with the more powerful cards but also a better strategy. Being able to deploy cards also depends on the availability of Shards, a major energy resource. 

Mytheria offers e-sport global tournament with selected players, battle royale mode with seven players, as well as regular PvP. PvE mode is also available to start on the path to upgrading the Gods and Warriors in the game.

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