Polychain Monsters Offers NFT Giveaway

Polychain Monsters is a game mixing RPG battles with farming mechanics on the Solana blockchain.
  • Polychain Monsters NFT resell with higher valuations.
  • Game offers battles, mining and land plot and NFT utility.
  • PMON token gained high liquidity on KuCoin.

Polychain Monsters offers a giveaway for rare NFT, still open over the weekend until July 17. Participation is open to anyone holding an NFT from the game’s collection. 


Polychain Monsters is a Solana-based game that started off as a high-profile NFT collection. The sale went fast, distributing 10,000 items to create a community ready to stake and use their characters for gaming.

The Monsters collection has a floor price of 0.75 SOL and a recent average sale of 1.09 SOL. Rare Exomons may be listed for as much as 20 SOL. The game’s main attraction lies in the activity of the collection, where items still resell at a higher rate. 


Currently, Exomon owners can also claim ExoTickets, to open mystery packs and earn rare and potentially valuable items.

The Polychain Monsters economy is based on Polychain Islands, a virtual land with resources and more Exomon to be discovered and trained. The game includes resource collection and battles. Additionally, players win rewards that may grant them access to upcoming IDO. Not all game achievements are tokenized immediately. 

PMON Token Gets Boost from KuCoin Trading

The game also has a native token, PMON, which has traded since the beginning of June. PMON started off with a price of $40, only to crash weeks later to the current rate of $1.42. The two advantages of the token are the relatively low supply of 3.4M PMON, and the listing on KuCoin, one of the most liquid South Korean crypto exchanges.

PMON trading volumes are around $1.2M per day, a feat for a newly emerging asset.


PMON remains volatile, but may hold some upside by bouncing off from the current lows. 

Polychain Monsters also has aspects similar to a farming game. Players can buy land, build factories and trade or sell resources. In this regard, Polychain is more advanced than Axie Infinity, which still lacks farming mechanics and direct land plot utility. Owning a land plot and a Monster can start the resource mining adventure.

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