Trust Wallet Review: One-Point Access for Play to Earn

Trust Wallet is an exclusively mobile wallet with multi-chain access. This wallet favors projects and tokens running on Binance Smart Chain, but allows functionalities for other networks. Trust Wallet has developed under the guidance of Binance, Inc. after an acquisition in 2018, and has moved to become one of the most popular tools for trading and lately, for play to earn access.

Trust Wallet requires Android 6.0 versions or higher, and is also available in an iOS version.

The wallet is protected by a six-digit PIN and a 12-word seed phrase, which must be protected to be able to open or regenerate the wallet. The 12-seed phrase must be protected from exposure and never shared with anyone claiming they need it to make a transaction.

Buy Cryptocurrency to Start with Play to Earn

The chief advantage of Trust Wallet is the possibility to load up some cryptocurrency through a third-party payment provider. To start with Binance Smart Chain, you must choose the version of the BNB token that is compatible with this network.

Trust Wallet has a minimum $150 purchase for BNB through Moon Pay for the best rate.

Is Trust Wallet Available for Desktop?

Trust Wallet is strictly a mobile wallet. Only a simulated experience is possible on desktop, through the BlueStacks product for simulated mobile experiences. So far, there are few clear indications whether BlueStacks itself may be a risk to using a crypto wallet. 

How to Access Games with Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet offers an internal browser for distributed apps. The selection is skewed to Binance Smart Chain dApps, and so far the selection of games is limited. One of the most popular games, Axie Infinity, can be linked from within Trust Wallet, by selecting the game from the list of dApps.

The wallet will not display all new games and dApps to be added. At its basic, Trust Wallet can be used to start the play to earn experience. 

The wallet can be linked to a Binance account, and used for swapping assets in preparation for joining a game. 

The Verdict on Trust Wallet

With a very tedious desktop simulation, Trust Wallet is more suitable for play to earn enthusiasts that prefer a mobile experience. Additional steps must be taken to ensure a third-party payment provider and to load up funds for the initial crypto purchase. 

For a more convenient lightweight desktop experience, MetaMask or Binance wallet add-on may be more suitable.

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