Heroes and Empires Plans Overhaul to Grow in Web3 Space

IMBA Studios will release a new closed beta of its next game, OverSpell, expected in December.
  • Heroes and Empires will migrate to a new Avalanche subnet in the coming months.
  • The game offers an app with idle arena battles, based on Heroes with varied powers and defenses.
  • IMBA Studio plans a new Web3 game, OverSpell, with a tentative launch in January.

Heroes and Empires, one of the most active P2E games built by IMBA studio, is going for a total restructure to transform into a Web3 project. The game already evolved from pure idle P2E into a skill-to-earn game, to offset the effects of the token bear market. 

The game’s new Web3 path will be in the hands of OverSky, an organization created from the partnership of IMBA Games and CryptoViet. In the coming years, OverSky will unroll a list of Web3 products and platforms. 

How Heroes and Empires Performed as a Game

Heroes and Empires locked in more than 10K downloads as a mobile app. The game offers a series of quests with arena battles, where players put some of their Heroes in a battle grid of five spots. 

The game’s biggest challenge is to pick playable Heroes with the best attack and defense stats. Then, an idle battle will decide the match and give the winner more XP and rewards. The game attracted a few thousand users on BNB Chain at its peak, and was successful due to the game’s easy appeal. 

Heroes and Empires had a model similar to Binemon, Summoner’s Arena, Crabada, and other battle and arena-mode games. The game’s success is also measured by the HE token, which has reached 34,481 addresses, an indicator of wide adoption by both players and wallet users. However, the native HE token fell to $0.005, leading to the game trying to shift to a new value model.

Heroes and Empires to Become Part of Web3 Hub

IMBA Studio will take over the gaming business of OverSky, and start with creating a new gaming NFT marketplace. A new game is also coming, OverSpell, which expects its closed beta to launch in December. 

IMBA Studio will also launch DOS Chain, a specialized gaming blockchain. DOS Chain will be one of the early subnets on Avalanche, and will carry multiple Web3 games. From next year, DOS Chain will seek other games from both the IMBA Studio portfolio, as well as other leading developers aiming for Web3 access.

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