How to Log In to Axie Marketplace: Setting Up a Wallet and Account for Axie Gameplay

Axie Infinity accounts open opportunities to deposit funds, acquire Axie NFTs, swap and stake AXS, SLP and RON.

Axie Infinity overhauled its logging system to the Sky Mavis hub and the Axie marketplace. Here is how to make the best of Ronin or MetaMask wallet along with an Axie Infinity account to log onto Axie Marketplace. 

Login Using Ronin Wallet

Ronin Wallet is the newest tools to access Axie Infinity. Most of the game assets migrated from the Ethereum network to save on gas fees. Axie characters, AXS and SLP tokens all exist on the Ronin network and need not be bridged back to Ethereum. 

The Ronin wallet works as a browser extension and receives a prompt from the Axie Infinity website to unlock the wallet. The most important step is to make sure you are accessing the right link by bookmarking the original Axie marketplace. Faked links can ask to unlock a wallet and even call for signed transactions. 

Logging in by QR code is for users of the Ronin wallet mobile app, and is equivalent to unlocking the browser extension wallet.

The Ronin wallet is set to connect automatically to a list of sites belonging to Axie Infinity and Sky Mavis. This feature can be toggled on and off for manual connection. The wallet will ask for its password, or to generate a new wallet with 12 key words.

Login Using Sky Mavis Account with Email and Password

The other approach to using Axie Infinity is a Sky Mavis account with an email and password. Again, a wallet would be needed to make transactions. 

Problems with Logging In to Axie Marketplace

After a reset of all accounts, Sky Mavis had an overhaul of the login system. Users complained about the QR codes failing to work. 

There is also no link to generate new accounts, so outside an existing login, the Ronin Wallet is the only tool for new players to join Axie Infinity. The email and password setup can happen only after linking a Ronin wallet. There may also be delays in receiving a confirmation email for setting up a user profile. 

How to Get Assets for Axie Infinity

The Ronin wallet can carry Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) and USDC tokens that were bridged to the Ronin network. To bridge the assets and top up the wallet, there is a dedicated Ronin bridge. However, once an account is set up, the swapping function can also be found within the user dashboard. Ethereum can be deposited and bridged from another wallet, usually MetaMask.

From within the Ronin wallet, assets can be swapped on the Katana exchange. The wallet will redirect to the Katana swap page, with limited pairings available. 

To play Axie Infinity, one would need playable characters, as well as Smooth Love Potion (SLP) for breeding. 

What are the Advantages of an Axie Marketplace Login

Having an Axie or Sky Mavis connection is a multi-purpose tool. Beyond the need to carry the NFT playable Axies, the wallet can hold assets for passive income. 

AXS and SLP can be staked for yield farming, for a potential high-risk, high return passive income opportunity.

RON can also be earned from staking SLP, or acquired on the Katana exchange. The links to farm any of the assets in the Axie Infinity token ecosystem is also available on the Katana exchange. The action required is a simple deposit transaction.

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